Restaurant Park Vista

I had a lunch date with a friend of mine last Wednesday. I know a lot of gringos meet at Restaurant Park Vista, which is on the second floor at the Iris Hotel, and that was the chosen restaurant

I got there at 110:00A.M. and met John. He had brought some Mangosteens for me to see.

They are about the size of a tennis ball and I enjoyed the taste of the fruit. John said he was surprised that many Panamanians aren’t familiar with the plant and every time he is buying some he has Panamanians ask what it is.

Here is a photo of the bar area.

This is the lovely lady that will take care of your requests.

John and I visited until noon and decided to order. I looked at the menu on the wall and it had a lot of Panamanian food, meal of the day, hamburgers etc.

I asked what the meal of the day was and was told it was ham, but the meal of the day would not be ready until after 12:30 P.M.

I asked about a cheeseburger and was told they were busy in the kitchen getting ready, but everything would not be available until after 12:30 P.M. I returned to the table and ate the Mangosteen. I had put an hour and a half worth of parking cards (see this post if you are not familiar with parking in David) and decided that trying the restaurant would have to be another day.

As I was leaving, I took this photo of the daunting stairs you use to come and go. I wonder how many have taken a tumble after spending too much time at the bar?

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  1. Mangostinas are one of the most delicious fruits in the world, in my opinion.

    It was brought to the New World from Sumatra and Java in the 1920’s by the United Fruit Company and planted at the Lancetilla Botanical Research Gardens near Tela, Honduras, as part of the UFC’s research program to see what non-New World crops might flourish the tropics in Central America and be commercially viable, like the banana.

    The mangostina never caught on in the States and for that matter it’s not well known in Latin America, why, I’m not sure. While the rind is a bit difficult to open (and let me tell you, you do NOT want to accidentally jam some of it under your fingernail!), the fruit really makes it worthwhile. I recommend trying it with a good vanilla ice cream, or freezing the fruit sections and eating them on a really hot day. Tangerines are a similar treat, btw, i.e., frozen in sections for snacks under a tree in the back yard or the beach when the heat is on…

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