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I had to do some maintenance on a backup PC the other day, which I was selling, and Kelvin King introduced me to Hyper Media. I guess this store has been here a couple of years, but I didn’t know about it. It is sort of David’s answer to YOYTEC in Panama city.

Here are a couple photos in the store.

This is the nice lady that helped me with my order.

They have a little of everything. Motherboards, processors, memory, hard drives, keyboards, mouse, webcams, DVDs. I bought a pack of 50 DVDs and I think their price may have been better than PriceSmart.

I consider this a very good find and their prices should beat any of the PC/service center prices. Hyper Media is located directly across the street from the LOTTO building in David on 2nd street.

If you drop in, tell them you red about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Driving Video For Hyper Media

12 thoughts on “Hyper Media in David

  1. Thank you…YOYTEC in Panama City got some $$$ business from me about 3 months ago because of your YOYTEC blog post.

    Where is the LOTTO building in David (smile…sorry to ask)?

    Me and a geek buddy of mine in Boquete will make a visit. I see they also have photo print paper. If you happen to shoot a video of driving to Hyper Media, I’ll be sure to watch it (smile).

    I want to get a long USB cord to tether my Nikon to the laptop when shooting “stuff”… lots of fun. Thanks Don.

  2. Wow…your new video directions are, as my daddy used to say, better than sliced bread. Your “McStarting” point was perfect. Thanks for taking the time to do that…all us computer geekish types in paradise appreciate you.

  3. Don, I only get to David about 1 time a year (from here in Baton Rouge. The only McDonalds that I know of is up by the Do It center on the Panamamerican Hwy. I did not recognize the route that you took. Maybe my memory is “Fuzzy”. Not hard to see at my age!

    Baton Rouge, LA

  4. Hi Steve. There has never been a McDonald’s close to the DoIt Center. You may be thinking of TGIF, which is in Plaza El Terronal where the DoIt Center is located.

    Calle Miguel A Brenes is the road that is the current home of the only McDonald’s in David. It is the road that runs in front of Super 99, and the Nissan and Mitsubishi dealers.

  5. Hypermedia is the best shop for geeks and computers pro coz it have the lowest prices here in David

  6. Esta tienda no cumple con las reglas de garantia, le roba a los clientes, ya que los productos que vienen dañado de fabrica no los quiere cubrir con la garantia y se basan en que el producto tiene otra cosa que no tiene nada que ver, y no es asi, un producto hay que hacerle pruebas para determinar si en verdad no funciona, que pasa Sres, sean mas responsables….METO

  7. Thanks for the Videos Don..Remember me..I’m the Guy from Canada that you and your friend had lunch with at the Chinese Restaurant in David.
    Thanks Again.

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