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Want to Trade

I received the following request to post from a Chiriquí Chatter reader.

From……: Steve Ferguson
Email…..: heyfergs@gmail.com
Url…….: www.eaglesridgeatbayfield.com

Hi Don

In this new financial world order I have a far out request. I would like to trade a 35 acre residential parcel in an upscale gated community in Bayfield, Colorado USA for a home/acerage in the David, Boca Chica or Las Lajas area. If any of your reader would have an interest I would consider all ideas. My development website is www.eaglesridgeatbayfield.com or 970-946-8091.

If you feel this is appropriate for Chiriqui Chatter please feel free to post.

Thanks for your work on the site, I read it often. Still hoping to make the move to Panama.

Steve Ferguson

Hyper Media in David

I had to do some maintenance on a backup PC the other day, which I was selling, and Kelvin King introduced me to Hyper Media. I guess this store has been here a couple of years, but I didn’t know about it. It is sort of David’s answer to YOYTEC in Panama city.

Here are a couple photos in the store. Continue reading Hyper Media in David

Meeting Nena

Two of Chiriquí Chatter’s longest term readers have been Jim and Nena of Ft. Worth, Texas. They started reading Chiriquí Chatter when I was living in Boquete and started reading again, after my hiatus, when I restarted my blog in David.

I received an email from Jim a while back telling me that Nena was visiting family in Panama and would like to drop something off for me, when she was in David. I said I would love to meet her and Nena and I made contact and set a time.

We set a time of 2:00 P.M. at McDonald’s last Wednesday. About 1:10 P.M, I received a call from Nena saying that she had picked up her rental car and was going to return to Boquete to pick up her mother. She said she might not be at McDonald’s exactly at 2:00 P.M., but for me please to wait.

I was at McDonald’s at 1:55 P.M. I hate being late and it is a long term habit I have not been able to break, even thought I have lived in Panama about 8 ½ years. I came prepared for a wait and had my iPad to keep me busy. Continue reading Meeting Nena

Potrerillos Public Safety Advisory – August 31, 2011

One of the most hazardous things we do in daily living in Potrerillos and just about any place in Panama is driving. The dangers are everywhere and Potrerillos is no different as there are many bars and outdoor drinking establishments located in our area. This causes our roads to be saturated with drunk drivers including those who lack even the most basic driving skill plus the fools who have very little discipline while operating a motor vehicle putting everyone at risk. Recognizing this sad fact you’re reminded to be extra careful while driving especially in wet conditions

Update of a previous fatal traffic incident:

On 31-July-2011 a local taxi driver struck and killed a pedestrian near Potrerillos. The driver a Panamanian National was initially detained but later released after just 24 hours in jail. Recently on the night of 29-August-2011 this same driver who is a resident of Potrerillos Arriba was driving his personal vehicle drunk and was involved in another wreck in front of the Central Park in Potrerillos Abajo. This time he caused damage to public property when he lost control of his pickup leaving the roadway then hitting and destroying a road sign that the Community of Potrerillos donated money for and installed it with donated labor from Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch organizers. (see attached photos) Continue reading Potrerillos Public Safety Advisory – August 31, 2011