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No this isn’t a post about the economy. It is not a post about unemployment. No this isn’t a post about globalization and outsourcing.

This is my humble tribute to Steve Jobs who resigned as CEO of Apple today.

I bought the first Apple II that was sold in Richardson, Texas. It had a built in Basic emulator and programs were loaded in using a cassette tape recorder. If you had multiple programs on the cassette, you had to use the digital meter on the recorder to forward to the spot on the tape for the program.

You can’t imagine how happy I was when I bought an Apple floppy drive. WOW. Was that progress. Then VisiCalc came out and the world of the spreadsheet had arrived.

It seems like it took IBM a couple more years before they produced their first PC and officially gave credibility to the personal computer, while also pulling an unknown company called Microsoft. Microsoft produced MS DOS for IBM. Continue reading Jobs

David Continues to Grow

When you look at all the construction that is going on in David it makes you wonder where economic turn down is. I know I have talked to businesses and many tell me they can see that people are guarding their money more. However, somebody thinks it is good business to build more locations for businesses.

The other day I drove around and took a few photos of construction that is going on, just completed or not there a year ago. The photos follow.

This first photo is in downtown David. In the photo Hotel Best Western can be seen on the left. These are too really big cranes and the construction area is huge.

This next construction is on Via Boquete. Continue reading David Continues to Grow

Wondeful Vocalist at the Bistro


Saturday, August 27


7pm t0 9pm








vocalist extraordinaire


She will be performing Jazz, Blues, Soft Rock and MUCH MORE



We will have drink specials and of course serving our menu



PLEASE stop by and listen, she is wonderful


I have attached a link to her past performance in David so you can get a preview of her vocal talent.



See you on Saturday!!!!







Here is the link to Chiriqui Chatter which highlights her last performance in David. span>



Lauretta Bonfiglio
Bistro Boquete

Annual Physical

I am still going through the annual physical process. My primary physicion sent me to a new Urologist for a prostate exam this year.

I went to Dra. Marta Sánchez at Hospital Chiriquí. I really liked her. Her English is very good.

The blood tests revealed normal PSA numbers and ratio. All that remained was the digital exam. There is a benefit to having a female doctor for the digital exam – SMALLER fingers! 🙂

If you go to Dra. Sánchez, tell you read about her on Chiriquí Chatter.

I am including a video that shows the way I go from Plaza El Terronal to Hospital Chiriquí. There are obvious many ways to go, but this is my easiest route.

Colores a Traves del Alma

From……: Steve

I wanted to make you and your readers aware of an Art Expo,”Colores a Traves del Alma” that is progress at the Hotel Ciudad de David through the 24th of Aug.

It represents 20 artists from Chiriqui and is being held in the Portobelo Room on the 3rd floor. It is open and attended from 9am to 9pm.

Please plan to stop by and see some beautiful art and maybe buy a piece to take home.

UPDATE August 23.

I stopped in today and took a few photos. The photos follow. If you stop in, tell them you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Continue reading Colores a Traves del Alma

Yes, David Does Have Apartment Buildings

Yes, David Does Have Apartment Building

Several times a year I have Chiriquí Chatter readers that come to Panama and if they come to David they sometimes ask to go for coffee.

Recently a couple was here and had been scouting for apartments as a possibility, but when they had used a real estate agent they had been told that there were no apartments in David and had shown them houses.

I asked if the agent might have misunderstood the need and that the agent might not have known about any “available” apartments. They said “no” and they had specifically asked to see some neighborhoods with apartments, independent of whether they were vacant or not.

Well, there are several in David, The other day I took the following photos of a few apartments that are in the Terronal area of David. You will see that they typically are two story and not high rises as in Panama City.

There have been speculations of high rises being built, but personally I would not want one. There is too much seismic activity in this area and I would not trust the construction to be that of San Francisco, California.

Here is the first complex that I took a photo of.

I saw that there was an upstairs apartment for sale. The phone number is 6655-4482.
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