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Panama Caribbean Tobacco Company

The other day I was in Bugaba/Concepcion and I visited the Panama Caribbean Tobacco Company.

I had met David Reynaga at the David Wednesday Market and I thought it might be interesting to tour the facility.

David had called ahead and they were expecting me and ready to provide the tour. My understanding is that all of the tobacco is grown close to Bugaba.

We started at the back of the building where tobacco was in various stages of aging. This was recent tobacco. Continue reading Panama Caribbean Tobacco Company

Things I have learned while Lilliam is Taking Care of the New Grandson in Costa Rica

  1. It is difficult to fill the water pitcher, if the sink is full of dishes.
  2. The sink can hold only about three days worth of dishes and then you have to wash them.
  3. Lilliam has a whole lot of plants that she waters.
  4. The fuzzy plant holders leak water.
  5. I don’t talk to the plants like Lilliam does.
  6. A good way to remember it is time to wash clothes is when your underwear drawer is empty.
  7. Koki doesn’t talk as much as Lilliam does.
  8. Koki does not snore when sleeping next to you like Lilliam does.
  9. Koki thinks a new paper on the balcony should immediately be peed on.
  10. Koki misses Lilliam.
  11. If you are careful, you only have to make up half the bed.
  12. When you are real lazy you can get by without even making up half the bed.
  13. If you eat Subway omelets for three days in a row, you can get tired of them.
  14. The coffee maker only makes coffee, if you put coffee in it.
  15. Don’t pour coffee into a cup with sugar and cream until you verify it is just not just hot water.
  16. You should put a reminder on your PC calendar if you don’t want to forget to take your pills.
  17. If I get a new cut, I have to put antibiotic on it.
  18. It is not as much fun watching Dr. House without Lilliam.
  19. I am basically lazy.
  20. I miss Lilliam and probably don’t tell her often enough how much I love her.

Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival Website

I received the following to post.

Great news for all Jazz and Blues aficionados in Chiriqui and beyond!
The Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival just launched a brand new website.

If you like what you see please share this link with all your music-loving
friends. If not, tell us.

You can also help us spread the word by hitting the link-button on the
website’s pages, and/or write a comment on the incorporated blog.
This would help us getting a better ranking with the search engines by
generating more traffic.

Thanks for your help!

Hans-J.Lebuser, Administrator
phone: 6519-7876

Treating Myself to Lunch at Hotel Ciudad de David

Since I am batching it for a while and tired of bologna sandwiches, I decided to take my self to Hotel Ciudad de David for a noon buffet.

I always enjoy their buffet, which is one of the better ones in David. It is $12 on Monday through Saturday and $16 on Sundays. Jubilado’s receive a 25% discount.

There is always a good soup, plenty of salad, two meat dishes and vegetables and super desserts. A complementary wine, iced tea, or soda goes with the meal.

I recorded my drive to the hotel and it follows:

The David Wednesday Market @ Chiriquí Mall

I really had not intended to go to the first day of the Wednesday Market at the Chiriquí Mall yesterday. However, when I found I needed to make a trip up to Bugaba, I decided to check in.

There wasn’t much there, but this was the first day and the next three Wednesdays will decide if this is going to be a success or not. If there is enough visitors it will live. If it doesn’t it won’t.

Kim and Finca Santa Marts was there with organic products.

G had some of her crafts for sale. I know her as the feather lady. Continue reading The David Wednesday Market @ Chiriquí Mall

Translation Service

I received the following for posting. This is for informational purposes. I am not familiar with the company.

From……: Ruben Espinosa

Hi there,
This is to offer our translation service. We have certified translators/interpreters available for business meetings and legal proceedings.

Legal & Technical Document Translation
Guide/Escort Interpreters