5 thoughts on “Planning on Owning a Gun In Panama

  1. Honestly, that blog post applies equally well to owning a gun in the USA or anywhere else for that matter. The gun owner, before using lethal force, had better know the letter of the law and where the right to use lethal force does and, equally importantly, does NOT extend. The right to own and even the right to carry concealed does not grant the right to use lethal force under equal standards in all fifty states in the USA.

  2. Each state has the right to make it’s own criminal laws within the confines of the US Constitution.

    However, the laws are fairly similar from state to state. They are not identical, but for the most part are similar.

    Typically, you can not use deadly force unless you are reasonably in fear of death or serious physical injury through the unprovoked, imminent, unlawful use of deadly force by another against you or another person.

    The “reasonableness” of your fear must pass both the objective and subjective tests.
    “Objective” means that a reasonable person in your situation would feel the same way.
    “Subjective” means that you actually perceived the threat and believed that the unlawful use of deadly force was imminent.

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