New Developments Springing Up In The Neighborhood

On Koki’s and my walk this morning I spotted a new development that has appeared out of nowhere. It seemed to be empty at the moment, but will probably get busier as the day goes on. The photo follows:

Gotcha. What can I say. I was bored.

5 thoughts on “New Developments Springing Up In The Neighborhood

  1. Don Ray:
    Arrieras (leaf cutter ants), always were a pest. Don’t let them bite you, it is painful!

  2. Leaf cutters’ nests are underground, sometimes very deep underground, and are known to extend unbelievably far. That’s what makes them so hard to eradicate. My experience with them has been that there is no mound on top of the ground. I think this is the nest of some other type of ant.

  3. Might try feeding them a littl corn meal for breakfast. It swells up inside of them. To keep them away from an area, for example, under a hummingbird feeder on the deck, put down some baking soda. It will kill grass, we use it on the deck around the poles. When it rains….start over.

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