Eat Out Much Do You?

With Lilliam away enjoying the new grand baby, I eat out a fair amount. While I am a pretty decent cook, I have a hard time getting past the question of , “Why cook?”

Besides, the sink is full of dishes and I don’t wash them for another day.

Sunday my neighbor and I took a drive up to Concepción to Nuevo Sol de Mar.  I have stopped there many times and usually always get fried shrimp. This time the shrimp were more popcorn shrimp sized, but we enjoyed the outing and the lunch. Price $8.00.

Yesterday I was hungry for meat at lunch time and stopped into Mrs, Mendoza’s. There are two or three things I usually order, but yesterday I ordered Steak Mendoza. As you can see, it was a good sized steak and came with salad, re-fried beans and Mexican rice. I always mix the rice and beans together. Price $7.99 which is less than $6.50 if you use the jubilado discount. I enjoyed my meal and was full for the rest of the day.

Mrs. Mendoza’s used to be owned by a Venezuelan, but he sold out to a Panamanian owner. The next time I go in I really need to find out where they buy their meat. I am convinced it is a flank steak and I can’t find it to grill.

FYI -The lot to the right of Mrs. Mendoza’s is being cleared to build David’s second McDonald’s.

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