March For Peace Parade in David, Chiriquí

I thought I would take a drive downtown David Saturday morning and car cam the third and fourth streets, which are the main shopping area of down town.

When I started down fourth street I went a couple of blocks and found it closed off by police. It was obvious something was going on in the park so I detoured and parked in front of Hotel Best Western and walked to Parque Cervantes to find out what was happening.

I found out that there was going to be a Parade for Peace, sponsored by the National Police. It was about 8:30 and several told me it was scheduled to start at 9:00. Now in Chiricano speak, that means it will actually start from 9:30 to 10:30.

Had I known there was going to be something special, I would have had my other camera, but at least I had a camera. It is so nice to always have a camera with me again. I decided to hangout in the park and get some photos. I did notice when I powered on the camera that I didn’t have a full battery, so I was a little concerned it if would hold out for the full time period.

I had time to spend, so I took a couple photos of the park.

I will warn you ahead of time that I took about 75 photos and am posting them all. When you click on “continue reading”, you might want to take a stretch and let the photos load.

As I was taking the previous photos, I heard someone call out to have their photo taken. It was these young ladies.

They wanted to see the photo and then said it was too far off. Here are four that were willing to be in a closeup.

This shows that the park area was a staging area for for the parades participants.

Here are five young ladies that will be marching in the parade.

Here are some more, some musicians and some baton twirlers.

This is the beginning of the parade. It is about to start.

I moved to get a better vantage point.

Here is the police band.

A group representing the Chiriquí Government.

Here are a couple showing typical Panamanian dress.

Several more photos.

Here are some younger participants.

More of the parade.

Look at the intensity on this drummers face.

More of the parade.

More marchers.

Here is a photo of El mayor Franklin González, who is in charge of the Chiriquí Metropolitan Police and responsible for the parade.

I spoke to Mr. González following the parade. He was extremely proud of the event and told me that there had been no murders in Chiriquí in the last two months. He was interviewed by most of the local Panama Networks.

A martial arts group.

Another band.

More of the parade.

Another band.

Some high strutters.

More Panamanian beauties.

More band members

More parade.

The end of the parade follows.

That concludes the photos and the parade. I realize that was more photos than are necessary to let you know about the event. However my philosophy is always to try to present all photos. Any of the photos are available to participants or family if requested. The detail in the original photos is much better than what is seen on the blog.

On all blog posts I use GIMP to reduce the size to one that is more suitable for posting. The original photos are around 4 MB in size. When I post, I reduce them to around 70KB to keep the download time to a minimum.

Had I known I was going to see this parade, I would have brought my better camera and would have captured some videos as well. I am still reasonably pleased with the photos that came from the Casio. I took over 75 photos after seeing that the battery indicator was saying ½ charge.

To give you come idea of the detail that can be cropped from the original photo, I will crop a couple for you.

I hope you enjoyed the parade. I did.

14 thoughts on “March For Peace Parade in David, Chiriquí

  1. Wonderful photos, Don Ray. The weather looks wonderful as well, clear skies and moderate temps.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  2. Your article states “Parade for Peace” but “The Visitor” newspaper states it would be a cancer drive and $5 to buy a T-shirt as contribution….and they were having this drive for cancer in Panama City, Cocle and many other places, including David.

  3. Oh, and Friday was a big March Against Violence. Many of the marchers where groups of school kids and most of the signs specifically addressed violence against children, women and the aged.

    One banner sign that showed up repeatedly was especially pointed, and translated roughly to,
    “Children are not property of the family, You can not do with them as you want. The child is a human being, belongs to society and represents their future.”

    Was a VERY busy weekend at the Parque Cervantes!

  4. they certainly love parades in Panama…..growing up in Sweden we only had one/ year…May first….all red flags and such….playing the “international” song….got me very weary about parades.

  5. The ‘Walk for Cancer’ parade that’s a noble thing to do. & finally feels good to see the support you gathered for the cause!

  6. Thank you for the great pics,I really whant to back to my place of birth. been here to long, Las vegas i will make plans to return some day.

    Frank Lara
    un Chiricano.or davideno.

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