Things I have learned while Lilliam is Taking Care of the New Grandson in Costa Rica

  1. It is difficult to fill the water pitcher, if the sink is full of dishes.
  2. The sink can hold only about three days worth of dishes and then you have to wash them.
  3. Lilliam has a whole lot of plants that she waters.
  4. The fuzzy plant holders leak water.
  5. I don’t talk to the plants like Lilliam does.
  6. A good way to remember it is time to wash clothes is when your underwear drawer is empty.
  7. Koki doesn’t talk as much as Lilliam does.
  8. Koki does not snore when sleeping next to you like Lilliam does.
  9. Koki thinks a new paper on the balcony should immediately be peed on.
  10. Koki misses Lilliam.
  11. If you are careful, you only have to make up half the bed.
  12. When you are real lazy you can get by without even making up half the bed.
  13. If you eat Subway omelets for three days in a row, you can get tired of them.
  14. The coffee maker only makes coffee, if you put coffee in it.
  15. Don’t pour coffee into a cup with sugar and cream until you verify it is just not just hot water.
  16. You should put a reminder on your PC calendar if you don’t want to forget to take your pills.
  17. If I get a new cut, I have to put antibiotic on it.
  18. It is not as much fun watching Dr. House without Lilliam.
  19. I am basically lazy.
  20. I miss Lilliam and probably don’t tell her often enough how much I love her.

7 thoughts on “Things I have learned while Lilliam is Taking Care of the New Grandson in Costa Rica

  1. Marriage is supposedly 50/50, but when a spouse is not there, l/2 is gone. We are both in the same house but someone is on 25%. Life, expectations and realizations and love.

  2. I need to be taking lessons, Don Ray. I also am a Class B bachelor, this week and next, while Nena visits family down there.

    So far I have cleaned and organized 2 shelves of spices,
    cleaned out the cabinets in the kitchen hutch,
    located all the lids for all the pots in the pot drawers,
    collected and sorted all the medicines into 5 bins,
    kept all the birds and squirrels fed that Nena supports,
    watered everything in a pot or vase daily,
    cleaned out the desk drawers near the kitchen phone (I kept the 57 lotto tickets although none were winners!?),
    and kept our black Lab entertained so she isn’t so depressed with Nena’s absence.

    What am I doing wrong? haha
    fort worth
    panama city/arraijan/david/boquete?

  3. Things I’ve learned being a bachelor:

    1: You’re right about the water pitcher

    2: Having lived in semi-tropical areas for half of my life where roaches are as big as most house pets I DON’T leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Though my sink is generally empty it seems the water pitcher always needs to be filled before I get to the day’s dishes.

    3: Your #6 is spot on. The corollary to that is it’s time to buy new clothes when you can’t leave the house because your only pair of pants is hanging on the line to dry.

    4: When you live alone you NEVER have to make the bed.

    5: Coffee wakes you up in the morning. Unfortunately you have to be awake to remember to put coffee into the coffee maker first. One of life’s little “gottchas!”

  4. @Don Ray, Nena is going to try to make the Boquete meeting on Tuesday, she has several relatives in David, too so she’ll be all over there.

    @Larry, save your money, I don’t move anything, I just clean and organize so she’ll be able to find everything, even the stuff she has “lost” since the last time she was on vacation! haha

    In my defense, I am THE world’s laziest person so having everything in its place is the easiest way to find things.


  5. My wife has been in Panama City for several days because of a family illness. My two sons and I (in Boquete) are learning that we can pile 7 to 10 days of dishes “in and around” the sink and they only need to be washed when there are no more dishes available. An alternative to washing the dishes is to use paper plates or to simply go out to eat. We have learned she may come home in 2 days and we’re also beginning to experience a sense of impending judgment if the pile of dishes remain in their unwashed condition.

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