Treating Myself to Lunch at Hotel Ciudad de David

Since I am batching it for a while and tired of bologna sandwiches, I decided to take my self to Hotel Ciudad de David for a noon buffet.

I always enjoy their buffet, which is one of the better ones in David. It is $12 on Monday through Saturday and $16 on Sundays. Jubilado’s receive a 25% discount.

There is always a good soup, plenty of salad, two meat dishes and vegetables and super desserts. A complementary wine, iced tea, or soda goes with the meal.

I recorded my drive to the hotel and it follows:

5 thoughts on “Treating Myself to Lunch at Hotel Ciudad de David

  1. Don Ray:
    I really enjoy this new feature because it shows me how changed David is. I was able to see what it used to be my grnadma’s house but barely. It is not a house any longer.
    Thank you.
    By the way, I am taking you on that invitation for a coffee.

  2. Even though I live here I love this new feature. I’ve been forwarding the vids to friends in the States so they can see what the area’s like.

  3. Wow…video about how to get “there” is a great idea. In the two years before we left for Panama, I probably watched over 150 video clips about Panama and Chiriqui in particular to, as Richard said, see what the area’s like. On the other hand, I think I’m a bit weird because I’m having fun watching a guy drive to a restaurant.

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