The David Wednesday Market @ Chiriquí Mall

I really had not intended to go to the first day of the Wednesday Market at the Chiriquí Mall yesterday. However, when I found I needed to make a trip up to Bugaba, I decided to check in.

There wasn’t much there, but this was the first day and the next three Wednesdays will decide if this is going to be a success or not. If there is enough visitors it will live. If it doesn’t it won’t.

Kim and Finca Santa Marts was there with organic products.

G had some of her crafts for sale. I know her as the feather lady.

Here were some t-shirts for sale.

This is David Reynaga with Panama Caribbean Tobacco. I visited with him and his company is in Bugaba, so I scheduled to visit it. I will put a post of the company in a separate post.

Here is David’s business card in case you want to light up.

13 thoughts on “The David Wednesday Market @ Chiriquí Mall

  1. I hope that people will continue to support these local markets.
    Ron and Kim, in particular, are providing a very valuable service to the several communities that they service with their great vegetables, etc. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hola,
    We were curious about how the market has changed since it’s start.
    It appears to be very similar to the BCP market on Tuesdays.
    Cameo Wines would like to participate and expand it’s market base and this seems like a good spot.
    Any insights or comments?


  3. Dear Don, i tried to visit the tabacco company. But i think it is closed or moved. The telephonenumber of david doesn’t work anymore… The site of the factory is closed and run down…

    Please check and adapt your site… Thank you

    Do you know where they have moved to?


  4. No need. You comment should take care of it. When posts are over a year old, they may not be reliable. I am not a smoker and don’t keep up with cigar shops.

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