Remember Triumph?

I saw this one in front of Ely’s Bakery when I was taking photos of the new construction areas in David.

It is owned by the owner of Ely’s bakery. This is one of the better bakeries in David if you haven’t been there

4 thoughts on “Remember Triumph?

  1. A nice looking car Don. I just bought a 73 TR6 Green It will be my toy when I put it on the road. Right now I am working on the things that need fixing. Corbin

  2. I think that belongs to the president of Chiriqui “classic and sports car club” as I `ve heard from Hosman Garcia in Boquete….he sent pics from the rallies…usually held in February IIRC….as Im very interested in classic cars (own two , a 69 Firebird convertible , a 71 Triumoph TR6) and contemplate either bring one to Panam,a if/when I move or buy another there…..I`ll see if I can find the videos of the Rallies.

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