David Continues to Grow

When you look at all the construction that is going on in David it makes you wonder where economic turn down is. I know I have talked to businesses and many tell me they can see that people are guarding their money more. However, somebody thinks it is good business to build more locations for businesses.

The other day I drove around and took a few photos of construction that is going on, just completed or not there a year ago. The photos follow.

This first photo is in downtown David. In the photo Hotel Best Western can be seen on the left. These are too really big cranes and the construction area is huge.

This next construction is on Via Boquete.

This next photo is close to Parque de Madre.

Here is a closeup of the design in the previous photo.

This is a new plaza that has just been completed.

Here is another that has recently been completed.

This is a renovation for a business that is taking the spot on Banco Nacional. Across the street from Panderia Ely.

This is where Rodelag used to be. It looks like it is getting close to being occupied.

Here is the new Electrisa building. It’s old location hac been demolished and it appears that something new will go there.

The following is the new Municipal Market. It has been open for some time, but the parking area is new. This is across the street from the parking lot of McDonald’s.

3 thoughts on “David Continues to Grow

  1. Did you notice the green ANAM sign in the newly cleared lot next to Mrs. Mendosas? It says. McDonalds. Yep a second one on the way.

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