First Car Cam Video Posted

As I said in a previous post on new technology, I purchased a new camera to take videos as I drive. One of the uses will be to document the location of various places in David. All Videos taken with the Car Cam will have Tags of “Car Cam Video” and a Category of “Car Cam Video”.

Let me know if these videos will be of use and any special requests of places to get to.

This first Car Cam Video is HERE. This will also let you see the quality of the video that the camera makes.

4 thoughts on “First Car Cam Video Posted

  1. Great Don Ray! For starters please show people how to reach the Stanza Cheese Company. It can be a challenge explaining the route in a precise way.

  2. COOL!!!! Now can you please show us how to get to the various Pushes scattered about??? Perhaps a tour inside of one would be enlightening!!!

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