Always Good Food

Last Sunday my neighbor and I went to Cuatros for lunch. There are only a few food restaurants to eat in on Sunday and Cuatros is one of my favorites.

I had a great piece of beef. Very nicely done.

My neighbor has one of the fish dishes. She also said it was very good.

If you happen to be in David on a Sunday remember Cuatros. Cuatros also has a weekly special menu and it can be found here.

If you drop into Cuatros, tell Chef Luis, Chiriquí Chatter sent you.

2 thoughts on “Always Good Food

  1. OK Don I got a new one for you. There is a new restaurant in Volcan called Café Volcan and is owned and operated by a woman from Yugoslavia. Her restaurant is located on the same corner that you turn to go the Mana restaurant (another good choice) and has been open for 1-1/2 months according to the owner.

    My wife and I had lunch last Sunday, I had a excellent fish platter with 2 sides and a refreshment. The wife had a bowl of soup and a green salad. The food was excellent the atmosphere was equally good but the best part of the experience was the price. For the both of us the tab was $6 and change.

    I think it would be a good place for you to checkout and report back for the good people of Chiriqui.

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