Popeye’s Pizza Revisited

I was just going through some of the business cards that I had not filed. This one on Popeye’s Pizza I had intended to talk about when I posted the photos from Rome. However, I keep getting more behind and who knows when or if I will get those photos posted.

What I wanted to do was contrast the pizzas in Rome with David’s Popeye’s Pizza. I have been going to Popeye’s since it was originally opened by Pino. He became a good friend and I miss him. How do these pizzas compare to the ones I had in Rome? They are far superior.

Last year, Pino sold Popeye’s and I was worried that the pizza would change. I am happy to say that it has not. It is still my favorite pizza in Panama. This is the only place I go when I want pizza. It is thin crust and cooked in a brick oven. I think I will go there today.

If you stop in tell they you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

UPDATE August 23, 2011: I am adding a driving video to help you find Popeye’s Pizza.

14 thoughts on “Popeye’s Pizza Revisited

  1. I love Popeye’s Pizza also and agree with your review. The new owner is also a friend of mine. She, Delzi, and her husband used to have the Orly Bar & Rest. next to the taxi stand across from Romero’s downtown, before it was torn down.

    I don’t see them as much since they closed down the Orly, but I think her husband, Jorge, still owns that Caina Bar (sp?) at the rear of that parking lot, the disco in the side of the Crown Casino, the Gaucho Bar on 3rd (down from the Best Western), and leases and manages the hotel over the casino.

    But, Popeye’s is Delzi’s baby and she really works at it, and understands customer service. Love to go in there

  2. Sorry. I just looked at the photo of the business card and see that it’s across from Super 99.

  3. Thats right nice place , quickly service and personalized. and very good pizza . I recomend this place .

  4. “Bring your own beer”? touchdown sez. I haven’t been there in over a week, but they always has beer before. One possibility – the beer distributors are going through that periodic ‘we are out of beer” thing. I know the jefe of the bar in the Iris was complaining the other day. Don’t remember which brand was out. So it may have been a misunderstanding when you ordered a beer at Popeyes.

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