Seems Like The More I Do, The Be-hinder I get

I still have the last Port of the Cruise series to get Posted. I keep getting sidetracked. I seem to get in those modes where I start to do something and remember something else I need to do so I start on it and then get interrupted.

It is lucky for me that My dentist gives me a reminder to come in or I would forget that. I went in recently for a teeth cleaning at Dental Estetic. The clinic’s website is

Dra. Miriam has been perfect for me because I typically have gum problems and she is better than any dentist I used in the US. Seems like the older I get, my teeth need more attention.

I also thought the other day that I need to take some time and drive around David and take some photos of all the construction going on. I am amazed with all the new activity.

I also have not been doing a very good job in taking photos of the gas prices. I will try to solve that problem soon.

I wonder what distractions I will have for the rest of the day that will prevent me from doing anything productive.

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