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  1. The truth is out there as we have seen in the video. But I’m sorry to say,I think it’s falling on deaf ears. Just look at the expression on the chairmans face, he could care less. I’m very afraid that America as I knew it as a child will be lost forever.
    Atlas Shrugged a novel by Ayn Rand, Should be compulsary reading for every American. GOD bless and GOD help America.

  2. Paul Ryan, who’s budget Mr. Kelly is defending in this video, is a huge fan of Ayn Rand, as he admits readily. As per the previous comment, I’m sure that Ryan has read Atlas Shrugged many times. However, Mr. Ryan not only voted YES to funding both wars “off budget” i.e. so they wouldn’t be paid for until “later”, Mr. Ryan, who we are supposed to trust regarding a new budget, also voted IN FAVOR of the huge Medicare Prescription Drug benefit, also NOT paid for. While the idea behind that bill (the drug benefit) was probably a good one, adding the trillions of dollars to our deficits and debt was probably not such a good idea in hindsight. (Even though then VP Cheney argued that Pres. Reagan “proved” that deficits don’t matter). So, long story short, I agree Mr. Kelly makes a good speech from his seat on the House floor — but he, himself, wasn’t in Congress back when the folks he is now defending racked up deficits and debt our grandchildren won’t be able to pay off. I love a good speech as much as the next guy, the minute a politician, any politician, says, “I’m speaking not as a (insert Democrat or Republican here), but as an “American”, I start to get a little suspicious…

  3. If you look at his record, you might come to the conclusion that Representative Kelly is as much of a hypocrite as most of the others in congress. From Think Progress:

    Rep. Kelly, Millionaire Investor In Oil And Gas Companies, Defends Subsidies Against Angry Town Hall Constituents

    “Earlier this year, Kelly joined every House Republican in voting to protect the $4 billion in subsidies that go to oil and gas companies every year. However, unlike many of his House colleagues, Kelly has a significant personal financial stake in the matter.
    Kelly’s defense of oil and gas subsidies is bad enough on the merits, but it is all the more troubling given that he owns up to $6.25 million in oil and gas companies. Kelly’s holdings include the following:

    – Up to $5 million in Phillips Resources Inc., an oil and gas drilling company that is exploring major drilling expansions in the area of western Pennsylvania that Kelly represents

    – Up to $1 million in TWP Gas and Oil, a natural gas company in western Pennsylvania”


  4. Let’s not point fingers he says, but then spends his time pointing his finger. You wouldn’t have to have regulations if the private sector was responsible to start with, and not pollute and destroy the country and the planet for generations to come. Talk about passing the buck onto your grandchildren. Ayn Rand, the high priestess of greed, was a stupid hack. If she is the country’s touchstone then you can understand why the country is in the mess it’s in, and why it’s been destroyed as an economic power by the catastrophe the “private sector” and Wall Street greed has done to it. If you want to stop spending money on things we can’t afford, stop sending troops all over the world pissing our wealth and our blood away on useless bits of desert like Iraq and Afghanistan.

    You’re right, Don. You should start another blog on politics.

  5. Personally, I don’t trust any of the elected officials in office. I wish they all could be fired.

    I wish they had to use the same Social Security plan as regular folks and the same healthcare and then maybe they would represent the average individual.

    I do know I have to manage my budget and can’t run over without significant penalties. They should have to have a balanced budget as well.

    We are seeing their penalties with the current US credit downgrade.

  6. Last week it came to light that Apple Inc has more in cash reserves than does the U.S. government by a significant amount. The impact of that revelation is just now becoming obvious. Wise investors are dumping the U.S. dollar in favor of the more stable iTunes gift card.

  7. My two cents: Jobs are created by the “evil” private sector, not by goverment. The more you tax the private sector, the less investment they will do, the less jobs they will create, the more the will pass the cost to…lets see.. US! Most “millionares” in America were made, from bottom to the top. And the reward for been successful is to take more of their money? And do not forget, less than 10 % of the tax payers (The rich) pay more than 80% percent of the taxes in US.

  8. Understand that I am not an apologist for the politicians, but the federal politicians ARE on the same social security plan as the rest of us. This is easily confirmed on snopes, wikipedia, factcheck and others. This has been a recurring lie on the internet for several years by, in my opinion, those who wish to further destabilize whatever remaining stability the US has.

  9. It is so good of you “Say What” to correct my erroneous statement. Gosh, I will probably lose sleep tonight thinking I have further destabilized the government. 😉

  10. Point of Order: I am NOT a fan of modern politicians, BUT….It is NOT true that Congressmen do not pay into Social Security. Since 1984 they have been required to pay just as everyone else does. It WAS true prior to 1984 ONLY BECAUSE they participated in the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) when they, like all U.S. Govt. civil service employees, did not pay into Soc. Security. Note that CSRS was phased out for new civil sevice employees hired after 1983. Note also that the U.S. military was not included in the Soc. Security program either until after the Korean War.

    The ‘fact’ that Congressmen have some type of golden parachute retirement plan has floated around in various forms since early 2000. But their monthly Soc. Sec. retirement check is computed just like everyone elses; amt. and years paid in, age at retirement, etc.

  11. Hi Don: Great and timely post. I agree, every politician of every persuasion should be voted out of office and take their Corporate and Union Lobbyists with them. GREED, pure and simple, is the cause of the demise of the U.S. economy.

  12. Congressman Mike Kelly represents PA-3rd. The district is just north of Pittsburg and runs to Lake Erie. It included the city of Erie. He is 63. He was elected last November.

  13. This guy should be president…or someone like him!

    As an ex pat (frome Europe) living now as an American Citizen in Texas..I`m ashamed of what has happened the last 40 yrs here…this is NOT what I came here for!….I may soon be an ex pat again (to panama) as the country is going down , as Obama said in the ditch…but not only the ditch, the car is now off a cliff….and I doubt anybody is at the wheel.

    what Mr Kelly says is totally true….and I know many Americans (born and raised here, like my wife,) cannot see it as you/they are too close to it, but as a “ferner” I can see it….its very similar to what happened in Sweden in the 60s , under Olof Palmes time….it took us , the little country of now 9 mil. people , 40 yrs to recover….Sweden is like a row boat compared to the big ship America…big ships dont steer easily, I know, I steered a 16,000 tonner across the Atlantic in 1968. This needs a steady hand , a forceful hand to get under control. Or we will all sink.

    And for you that may not remember , Robert Ringer wrote a great book in early 70s, “restoring the American Dream”…but nobody is doing it…its just abunch of talk, talk andtalk…most everyone is worried aboutre elections….we need NEW FRESH blood in govt…and not professional polititicans ,we need people who have worked, and a limit on their “services”…the term to “sereve” in government means just that…but most there are serving themselves, not the public….I`m so fed up with the whole scenario!

  14. And its not just here….I`m sure most on this blog keeps up with international affairs…here a short blurb from Swedish news this am…(problems are similar in politics (poly = many , tics , a bad biting insect! lol)

    Swedish – to English translation

    As Politicians in Europe have not dared to discuss further economic cooperation with the population. It could threaten the future of the euro. “You have paved the way for this situation,” said Niklas Bremberg, a researcher in political science at Stockholm University.

    – It’s a very tragic situation now because this has not been discussed, says Niklas Bremberg.

    People across Europe see that EU’s measures against the crisis has not worked very well. Niklas Bremberg notes that politicians are still not trying to explain to residents what would be needed to straighten up the euro: a partnership also with regard to financial policy

    From left, its said: The euro means stop[s us from engaging in progressive politics, have a large public sector, but instead are forced to tighten.
    From right and nationalists its said: The euro is threatening national sovereignty and national values.
    It may possibly emerge some populist nationalist parties in countries that hitherto had no such as Spain and Portugal.
    Parties that reigns in Europe crisis countries is not easy in these times. Voters tend to vote out those who are in power.
    In Spain, held early elections in November, when the current Socialist government may be very difficult to sit still.
    In Ireland and Portugal, governments have already fallen. And in Greece it fell before it was known how much their crisis was

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