It Is Good To Have A Reliable Auto Service Center


Last week My Terios decided to die. The clutch failed and I could not drive the car. If it was in gear I could not start the car. If it was in neutral I could start the car, but I could not put it in gear to drive it to the shop.

I called Carlos Saldana, who many used when he had Auto Servicios de Chiriquí. He moved from that location to his body-shop location across the street from CECREPAG, the David cremation office. I need to go buy and take a photo and see if this location has a name.

Carlos sent his son over and he was able to get the car back to the shop. It required a clutch kit. The total bill was $112 split almost equally between parts and labor.

I can’t say enough about how well Carlos has taken care of me in the past. He was instrumental in helping me sell the Nunes pickup. He and his sons all speak English.

7 thoughts on “It Is Good To Have A Reliable Auto Service Center

  1. Absolutely right about Carlos’ work and prices. I have been to his old location and also have been to his new location and his people have always been friendly, helpful and honest. That’s where I always go for my yearly car inspections.

  2. Hi Tomas. Here are the directions to CECREPAG, which is right across the street. Also I guess the name of the service center is still Auto Servicios de Chiriquí. The old number was 774-9334 and 774-0256. I don’t know if they are still good or not.

    Vía Boquete, after Delta’s gas station, at the left hand, next to Bimbo’s offices, in front of Auto Servicios de Chiriquí

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