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Serenade, Spaghetti, and Sweets”, a BCP EVENT

From……: Boquete Community Players

Hola Don Ray,
We think our Friends in David would enjoy this Event..we have an afternoon performance for those who do not like to travel a night.

Serenade, Spaghetti, and Sweets”, a BCP EVENT.

Come and Eat and Enjoy The Music!!! Feel Free to …….DANCE!

The Delicious Meal will be served To You at 7:00PM…so come at 6:30..grab a drink and get a table….

Julian, Alayna,Jorge, All under 20 years old, some of Boquete’s “Young ‘Uns” are performing….

You will also see The New Boquettes (remember them?), and many more Bona Fide Performers ..(They are all mostly Over 20

15 acts all together..

You will receive generous portions of food and exceptional service from the Loyal BCP Volunteers.

Do Not Miss This Event.

Thursday ; July 28th 7:00pm
Friday ; July 29th 1:00pm
Saturday; July 30 7:00pm

Tickets…$15 Dinner and and Show..Great Price! Food and Entertainment!

This Week….Get tix at MBE or ….at The Tuesday Market , Tomorrow!!!..

Gracias Boquete Community (Supporting.. the Fine Arts!!)

Contact Shirley Maffitt for ticket information at

Erin Ross or

Chiriquí Chatter Statistics

I really don’t spend much time thinking about or being concerned with the statistics of Chiriquí Chatter. Since Chiriquí Chatter remains non-commercial, it has never been important to me for anything other than curiosity.

I really don’t think I have looked at any stats since early last year. This morning, I decided to see if much had changed.

Here are the statistics as gathered by AWSTATS which is a free statistics gatherer provided by most web-hosts.

Following are the statistics for the first half of 2011. It actually shows growth over 2010.

Here are the stats for 2005, when Chiriquí Chatter had its rebirth.

Thanks to everyone who follows my blog and is kind enough to provide comments. The comments are extremely important to a blog such as Chiriquí Chatter because they keep it fresh and balance the spectrum of thoughts about Panama.

I am also especially happy that I have a large amount of native Panamanians and Chiracanos that read Chiriquí Chatter. They also help to balance the views between we foreigners and the citizens of Panama. I have received emails from Panamanians and Chiracanos from all over the world saying thanks for giving them some view of what is happening in Chiriquí.

The Internet has made the world much smaller. I am happy that I am still a part of it.

Guest Post 3 By Courtney (Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama)

I received the following to post from Courtney.

Hello to everyone,
Just to refresh your memory, I am the Peace Corps Volunteer currently serving here in the province of Chiriquí who was invited by Don Ray to be a guest author on Chiriquí Chatter. I previously posted about the Girl Scout (Muchachas Guias) group in the community where I am working and generally about life in the Peace Corps, but I have not had the opportunity to post in quite a while. Today I am in David running errands and catching up on some internet work so I decided that I would take this opportunity to give a quick update on how life has been in rural Panama over the past couple of months.

In June my parents came to visit from the States so I took some vacation time to travel with them in Panama. We also visited my community for 4 days, and my parents were great sports about adjusting to rural Panamanian life! We all stayed in my little wooden house which consists of two rooms. One of the rooms is a narrow and relatively small kitchen, and the other room is what I would call my “everything room.” The “everything room” is pretty large and houses my bed, a table, a bench, etc. Continue reading Guest Post 3 By Courtney (Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama)