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Hi Don- I’m hoping you will post this on Chiriqui Chatter. It introduces a new online travel service with which I am associated, as Publicist and as the Location Specilaist for Guatemala.

The more folks whoi know about, it better, so I hope you will help me spread the word.

Thanks very much, Linda Card


Whether you are a first-time traveler or a world-class globe trotter, it is infinitely helpful to have insider knowledge about a destination before you go. That’s the idea behind a new travel service called The Captivated Traveler, launched by Marc and Corry Meerveld out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. “When we were planning our first trip to Central America, we did endless hours of research online,” says Corry. “Yet from the moment we arrived at our first stop things were drastically different than everything we had read about. We continuously learned, sometimes the hard way, as did many of those that we met along the way. Everyone around us had a story and we heard over and over, ‘If only we knew’.”

Now, with the help of The Captivated Traveler, you can know before you go. The Location Specialists of The Captivated Traveler offer just the insider knowledge you need, because they live or have lived in their respective “specialist” countries. No amount of online research or perusal of printed guide books can replace the firsthand knowledge of one who’s “been there, done that”.

At The Captivated Traveler website ( you can choose from a number of destination countries around the world and sign up for a Travelar™. The Travelar™ is a live web seminar, in which the Location Specialist for the country you’ve chosen provides specific, current and detailed information about that country. Topics include Immigration and Customs, Safety Concerns, Language and Culture, as well as What to See and Do. While listening to the live presentation, you view a slide show of useful data and photos, then there is a live question and answer session. Travelars™ are conveniently scheduled and reasonably priced to make them accessible to everyone, from the budget-minded to the five-star luxury traveler.

“This is a new idea in travel services,” notes Linda Card, Publicist for The Captivated Traveler. “We don’t replace travel sites that compare airfares, assist with bookings, or offer business reviews. We may help an undecided tourist choose to make that trip they’ve been considering, or clear up misconceptions or unwarranted fears about a potential destination. We hope to help others avoid pitfalls and have the best possible travel experience.”

Newly established in 2010, The Captivated Traveler is expanding their list of Travelar™ destinations by signing on Location Specialists around the world. Owner Corry Meerveld stresses the collaborative nature of her business, saying, “Linking with tourism promoters, hotels, travel agencies and travel information sites, our service helps bring tourism providers and travelers together, in a personal and positive way.”

Next time you are considering a trip, check out , and find out what you need to know before you go.

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