Volcan Town Meeting – August 10


The monthly Volcan Town Meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 at our venue, the Valley of the Moon Restaurant in Volcan. The Valley of the Moon Restaurant should not be hard to find as there are several signs along the way to their location. Just make a left at the Round Restaurant off the main Volcan road and follow the final signs to the Restaurant. The meeting will begin at 10:00 AM.

Last month, we featured Dr. Jennifer Daniels. She kept us abreast of the latest news on the Healthcare crisis in the United States. She also addressed the current healthcare system in place in Panama. Dr. Daniels gave us a very informative presentation of issues not known to the average American from a physician’s perspective engaged in alternative health solutions. Dr. Daniels suggested that folks currently enrolled in Medicare Part B reconsider their participation in this plan and the future expense, involved in this troubled program and become more self-sufficient.

This month, we are very pleased to have a variety of speakers. First, we will feature a very qualified Ophthalmologist Eye Doctor from Panama City, Dr. Augusto Arosemena. He will talk about eye problems and diseases that every person in our age group attending the Town Meeting should be aware of. For example, nearly everyone over 55 has pre-cataract growth and/or be concerned about glaucoma. Half of all Americans by age 80 will have had cataract surgery. He will also discuss tropical climate diseases that can affect our eye health and the gift of sight.

Next, we will have Mr. Juan Candanedo, a local and knowledgeable attorney to discuss labor law in general. He can inform our listeners how to keep expenses at a minimum when hiring domestic or home employees. There are many nuances in Panamanian labor law that can favor an enterprising employee in which they can take advantage of their employers and incur unwanted and unjustified costs.

Mr. Candanedo can also answer other legal questions that you may have including the effect of the FATCA portion of the HIRE Act and its impact on owning a foreign corporation, sociedad anonimous, foundation or trust. He will share any new information as a result of recent laws enacted by the Panamanian National Assembly that may affect Ex-Pats. Mr. Candanedo will also answer questions about Cedula requirements. He has a wide range of knowledge and expertise on several facets of Panamanian law and can help Ex-Pats with any confusion involving the understanding and implementation of such laws.

You should attend this meeting just to meet Mr. Candanedo and get whatever brief legal advice you may need … FREE ! The going rate for some attorneys is $125 an hour for Ex-Pats… !

We then will have Mr. Larry Rubenstein, a Certified Licensed Tax Consultant, discuss his understanding of the HIRE Act and its implications on U.S. citizens living here in Panama. Larry will also discuss in an overview, investment opportunities in local credit unions that can become a valuable asset in achieving financial security. Credit Unions pay a substantially higher rate of interest on cash deposit certificates compared to regular banking institutions in Panama.

We will also have our News Topics feature in keeping folks informed of new laws, proposed legislation and other recent developments being implemented by decision makers in the United States, Panama and around the world which may very well make changes in your life and lifestyle, no matter where you live.

We hope to see you on Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 and look forward to your participation as we believe that this presentation will be stimulating and thought provoking. Be sure to stay for lunch and try the Valley of the Moon Restaurant Special Town Meeting Menu and fare. If you have any questions, or wish further information, please email us at volcanmeeting@yahoo.com

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