A Night Of Nostalgia

I have been derelict in posting information on the Mary Binder performance at Casa Cultural La Guaricha.

I will apologize for the quality of the videos that follow. I didn’t pick the best location to film and I am using my SLR for video. This was the first time Mary had been to Casa Cultural La Guaricha and the sound equipment was not her own. I know that performers always prefer to use their own sound equipment.

Mary performs often in Volcan and thank you God for allowing her to venture to David so that those of us living in this part of Chiriquí could enjoy her artistry.

The event started a little late because everything starts late in Panama. By the end of the performance, most of the tables had occupants.

I, for one, had an outstanding time.

Out of the event, I picked four of the videos I shot to give you an idea of what you missed. Mary sang all of the songs that I like. It really turned my evening into an evening of nostalgia. Here is another thing I need to apologize for. On all of the videos, I misspelled Mary’s last name. What can I say? I am getting old. When I get more time, I will see if YouTube will allow me to upload replacements. Sorry Mary!!!

Here is the first video – It’s A Heartache.

The second video is – I fall Too Pieces.

Everyone growing up in Odessa, Texas in the fifties, like me, loved Buddy Holly. The next video is – Raining In My Heart.

The last video is – Rose In Spanish Harlem.

Here is a photo of Antonio Singh thanking Mary for a very enjoyable evening and letting all know about future events.

This was a super event and gringos living close to David really missed a fun time. Hopefully this will give you enough of a taste that you won’t miss the next opportunity to listen to Mary.

7 thoughts on “A Night Of Nostalgia

  1. I have to say that the lady have a very nice voice and her performance was outstanding.

  2. Hope you will try to catch The New Boquettes sometime..
    quite a hit at the recent BCP Event Seranade,Spaghetti, and Sweets.
    A group of 4 that sing lots of “Oldies”
    Also the Chiri-Keys..that have a Country Western Flavor…
    Boquete is having Musical Fun!!

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