Roosevelt Díaz Arosemena

Roosevelt Díaz Arosemena
“Juancho the song from Cabuya”
Tribute to muy Father

Inauguration: Tuesday 2nd of August 2011
Hour: 7:00p.m.
Admission: Free (We apprecciatte any contribution to the Culture & Arts)
Where: Casa Cultural La Guaricha in the cross of Java Juice and Accel Gas Station in the Francisco Clark Ave.,
down to the Felix Olivares High School, green and yellow house before the little bridge.

The artist will be at the Inauguration of the Exhibition

The exhibition is open to the public, Monday to Saturday 9:30a.m. to 6:00p.m.
From Agust 3rd to 31st.

The Panamanian Artist Roosevelt Diaz is considered a good example of what a “contemporary artist”, someone who is a believer in the long days of work required to achieve the perfection of a painting.

“The inspiration for me is an issue that no longer exists. My work is exercised and get a headache, moodiness and fatigue, “says Diaz.

“When my creative side betrays me some exercises conducted in several paintings to find the guide again,” he adds.


Roosevelt Diaz is an artist by vocation and training, who discovered the path he should follow in his teens when he was competing with his neighborhood friends, to create the best picture.

“The painting came into my life as a need that should be expressed and shown to the world. Thank God, the Street El Porvenir de Llano Bonito (Herrera), had many friends interested in drawing, so you always had to check what was the best of all, “he says.

Said that motivation and practice would guide the School of Fine Arts where he received his first formal painting instruction.

For economic reasons, almost dropped out of art, but with the help of a director of the School of Fine Arts got a job in that school to cover their student.

Roosevelt Diaz was in glory, as he had the keys to the school and therefore spent all the hours he wanted his art.

“I had school and my house. Painted or read in the library as long as desired. It was a very funny, “he says.

Upon graduation he began his studies of education and at the same school enrolled in Panama to continue his training.

“During that period I realized that there was no need for further studies. I also left because the teachers leading-Juan Manuel Cedeño, Dutary Alberto Chong Neto, Brooke Alfaro, Alfredo Sinclair, etc. .- no longer in school. They were only teachers with degrees who were not painters, “he explains.

“I enjoyed learning with the best, with those who teach you to appreciate art and to detect tricks and techniques for the job,” he says.

After leaving his studies, he continued his personal and collective exhibitions. Roosevelt Diaz is now considered able to paint in any known technique.

He defines his art as a sign of creativity, an activity that “can be expressed in many different forms, even those non-traditional techniques.”

Antonio M. Singh C.

Director General
Chiriquí Eventos Cultural
Casa Cultural La Guaricha PTY 507-6618-2929
Cel. PTY 507-6122-2089

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