I’m Cold!

It rained all night and looks like it will rain all day. I have turned off all fans and am still cold. I bet Boquete and Volcan are REALLY cold

Looking at the heat wave in the central US, I would like to send a little of this rain their way.

Such a peaceful time and a gentle rain. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

13 thoughts on “I’m Cold!

  1. Don if I recall a while back you made a pledge to post something nice warm and fuzzy once a month. This one seems qualified.

  2. Don – here in Las Nubes we worked outside in the rain all morning. I don’t know what the temperature was, but it was pretty nippy not to mention a heavy rain. It took all afternoon to warm up again.
    Bruce C

  3. Poor Baby !!!!!!!:)

    Please let us know what the temperature was that chilled you so !

    Joel and Kris

    p. s. It’s in the low 90’s here in Sarasota. Florida daily, and yet I hear how “Hot” David is-
    apparently from folks from chilly climes.

  4. I always advise visitors to pack something snuggly — I was unprepared for chilly weather up in the hills!

  5. I made a trip to the dentist in David yesterday…nice & cool…and Boquetelandia was very pleasant (sonrisa). This morning, the sun is shining in Boquetelandia and the air is nice and fresh.

  6. Yes Don I would love to trade places with you. Here in Wichita it was a low of 99, today. But that was a lot cooler then the 111 on tuesday. I know that when you live in a cooler place for awhile the temp. feels cold but I would love to be there now. Next week the same as the last three.100 or better enjoy the 60 And have a nice sleep tonight with out air Corbin

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