Computer Stolen

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Don: On July 19th during the day my MacPowerBook 17″ silver computer
was stolen in Paso Ancho at 4th and B near the river, $200 reward).
The person who did it did not break in so they must have had a key. I
suspect my watcheyman. It has been peaceful here for 3 years so I have
been lucky. The police have been out 5 times since then so the
neighbors have seen plenty of “high level” investigation. Moral of the
story; pay your watcheyman enough so he will not want to be replaced.
Howie 6464-9118

1 thought on “Computer Stolen

  1. Statistically 80% of all crimes are committed by someone who knows you, this according to the US Justice Department. In this case it is assumed to be the watchman. I personally don’t believe that a higher wage would have deterred or removed the desire to steal from you by the suspected watchman. As a former LEO and the Administrator of a community based Neighborhood Watch Program I have analyzed many cases of theft and burglary. I find that the victim in most cases have or had some level of culpability in that they were responsible for creating the right circumstances that contributed to the crime.

    This is not to say that the victim is totally responsible rather he or she in most cases had some control over the eventual outcome to one degree or another. In Panama one should take additional precautions to safe guard their personal property and aide in any investigation if in the strong likelihood that they get ripped off.

    How dose one do that? One could protect their stuff with a home safe typically a free standing safe or a stronger floor safe. In addition to protecting your property you should create a photographic record including a itemized list or document contain a detailed description followed up with photos of what ever you are protecting. This data can be burned onto a CD and kept in your safe or some other secure location.

    These are just some simple yet responsible things one should consider to reduce the likelihood of being a victim.

    For those who may be interested incorporating a floor safe into their security strategy I may be able to fabricate a custom built floor safe that a home owner can secure personal items of high value including pass port, important paper work and a standard lap top computer. I can custom build a high security floor safe for $300

    Chiriqui Chatter has photographs and contact information if anyone would like to explorer this type of security equipment.

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