Celebrate with us the 97th Anniversary of the Panama Canal

I received this today. I would love to go, but don’t think I can make it. If you go, tell them you read about it on Chiriquí Chatter.

Celebrate with us the 97th Anniversary of the Panama Canal


Alonso and Carmela Gobern

The Editors of the Panama Cyberspace News

 invite you to

 Join our partial transit of the Panama Canal

 Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 7 a.m.

 departing from Flamenco Marina on Amador Causeway


 Travel Route: The Pacific Ocean, Panama Bay, under the Bridge of the Americas, Panama Port Company, Miraflores Locks, Pedro Miguel Locks, Gaillard (Culebra) Cut, Canal Expansion Project, under the Centennial Bridge, Gatun Lake and Gamboa.

 This transit includes the following:

 Breakfast, lunch, water and sodas, a bilingual guide,

 four (4) hours on the Pacific Queen, a 300-passenger cruise liner,

 and a bus to bring us back from Gamboa.


 The Pacific Queen is a Norwegian-built cruiser, designed specifically for day tours and cruises, with a capacity for 300 passengers, measures 119 ft. in length and 25 ft. in width.

Passengers will enjoy the following: Two (2) spacious, enclosed decks, with air conditioning and a comfortable seating, an open-air third deck with an ideal vantage point from which to enjoy your cruise, television monitors with Panama Canal and Panamanian folkloric documentaries, speaker system for music and narration of the tour guide, six (6) conveniently-located restrooms, a souvenir shop complete with local handcrafts and Panama Canal souvenirs, a lounge area on the first floor with bar where food and soft drinks are served. (Liquor on sale.).

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, take your camera, dark shades, a hat/cap and an umbrella.

 The Cost:

 Nationals and residents $80 – Tourists and visitors $115

Requirement: Cedula or Passport

 Children under 12 years of age: $50 Panamanians and $65.00 tourists (identification required)

 Contact goberncl@cwpanama.net for reservations as soon as possible.

Space is limited!

 Telephone: Panama (507) 6675-4507 or (507) 314-0398

Telephone U.S. (678) 927-2207

Payment accepted as soon as possible.


It’s an awesome experience!

Carmela L. Gobern
Editor, Panama Cyberspace News
Tel. (507) 314-0398
Cel. (507) 6675-4507

8 thoughts on “Celebrate with us the 97th Anniversary of the Panama Canal

  1. why “no nationals” pay more? racism? still?
    you should not advertise these pages without making a claim


  2. I fail to see the Racism charge posted previously. Racism is the belief that there are inherent differences in people’s traits and capacities that are entirely due to their race. The charging of different fees for people who live outside the visited area is practiced worldwide, just look at Disney World in Florida. People who live out of state pay more but you can’t call the state of Florida racist!

  3. Don Ray:
    I echo this also. This is no Racism. The Disneyland park in Ananheim, CA does the same with people that lives in Orange county. In state students pay less in tuition if they attend colleges in the same state. Hotels charged a “tax” on the price of the room usually only paid by out of town people. Should I continue…?
    Is a common practice, no one complaints in US, but Panama can not do it? Listen, americans retiring in Panama already are getting an excellent deal: deferred property taxes and taxes on cars imported to Panama, pensionado visa that allows to live and own land in Panama, the “jubilado” discount also available to panamanians, decent and affordable health care not available for the common Joe in Panama… What else do you want?
    Do not take me wrong, I agree with ex-pats livign in Panama, they creat jobs for panamaninas not available there before, they most of the time pay even more for routine work and this benefit those trying to make a living.
    Sorry to get a little emotional…

  4. ok, probably not a racist, perhaps only a discriminatory attitude,but I bought a house in Florida and do not pay a mortgage more expensive for a foreigner like me happens in panama,and wait to be retired by these wonderful discounts.


  5. Jamie. Please don’t confuse David’s comment as being from the US viewpoint. David is from Spain and His views are his own.

    Besides, I post what I think is appropriate, independent of what others may think. I think it is a great way to get an idea of transiting the canal for a reasonable price.

  6. may not have seen it from the standpoint of Panama, with a sense of humor, giving the tourists have to understand that are mostly fat and rich, and are happy paying higher prices

    And one last point, health care, two weeks ago lost a relative of Bertha, I prefer not to comment on the Panamanian public health system neglect. and the Panamanian private health system …. you can afford? is better than the public? are the same doctors?

    I have seen these last two years many gringos and Canadians return to their country surprises me any comments. Tourism businesses in Boquete, for example, have seen the influx of foreign tourism has dropped significantly.

    In this country the criticism is taken as an offense, and things do not improve so ever.

    And I remember I have never paid a different price in the United States as a foreigner. Of course, not cost me both U.S. residency as I have been robbed here.

    Thanks google translator

    es posible que no lo haya visto desde el punto de vista panameño, con sentido del humor, dando ha entender que los turistas son en su mayoria gordos y ricos, y son felices pagando precios mas caros

    Y un ultimo punto, la sanidad, hace dos semanas perdimos a un familiar de Bertha , prefiero no hacer comentarios del negligente sistema sanitario publico panameño. y del sistema de salud privado panameño….lo puedes pagar? es mejor que el publico? son los mismos medicos?

    he visto estos dos ultimos años a tantos gringos y canadienses regresar a su pais que me extraña cualquier comentario. Las empresas de turismo de Boquete, por ejemplo, han visto que la afluencia de turismo extranjero ha bajado mucho.

    En este pais la critica se toma como una ofensa, y asi las cosas no mejoran nunca.

    Y yo que recuerde nunca he pagado en estados unidos diferente precio por ser extranjero. Pero claro, tampoco me costo tanto la residencia en estados unidos como lo que me han robado aqui para conseguirla.


    Don, no problem

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