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I really don’t spend much time thinking about or being concerned with the statistics of Chiriquí Chatter. Since Chiriquí Chatter remains non-commercial, it has never been important to me for anything other than curiosity.

I really don’t think I have looked at any stats since early last year. This morning, I decided to see if much had changed.

Here are the statistics as gathered by AWSTATS which is a free statistics gatherer provided by most web-hosts.

Following are the statistics for the first half of 2011. It actually shows growth over 2010.

Here are the stats for 2005, when Chiriquí Chatter had its rebirth.

Thanks to everyone who follows my blog and is kind enough to provide comments. The comments are extremely important to a blog such as Chiriquí Chatter because they keep it fresh and balance the spectrum of thoughts about Panama.

I am also especially happy that I have a large amount of native Panamanians and Chiracanos that read Chiriquí Chatter. They also help to balance the views between we foreigners and the citizens of Panama. I have received emails from Panamanians and Chiracanos from all over the world saying thanks for giving them some view of what is happening in Chiriquí.

The Internet has made the world much smaller. I am happy that I am still a part of it.

6 thoughts on “Chiriquí Chatter Statistics

  1. Wow…interesting. Looks like CC will match 2010 stats perhaps in September. While I haven’t been reading/interacting with CC as frequently as I did a few months ago…for me, CC is THE best blog about the every-day-routine-of-life living in this part of Panama. CC is a wealth of information and the stats support that belief. Thanks for all you do.

  2. I doubt my stats will ever equal yours, Don, but I enjoy looking at the stats for my blogs. I have two. My first one is just about STUFF that happens to interest me at the moment,
    I started it at the end of March 2009 and it has been visited almost 64,000 time (10 more will bring it there) and I get about 75 or so readers a day. Some of the interesting stats one can find on their WordPress stats page is HOW the readers found you. Other blog’s links, searches on Google for one of your tags. Stuff like that. I also know that since I put CC on my blog roll 193 people clicked through from my blog to yours.

    My other blog is specifically about houseboats, shanty boats and minimalist cruising:
    I started it in the middle of May 2009 sitting in a friend’s living room in Panama City. Because I confine it to a single subject I get more hits than on my other blog. I average 200+ hits a day and August 7th last year I got 667 readers.

    I recently got the Cluster Map widget like you have and that thing fascinates me. Seeing where the readers are actually located. Now, I can understand why a dozen people in New Zealand and Australia might be interested in houseboats but Macedonia? Luxembourg? Iceland???

    I find it even more fascinating that my oldsalt blog has garnered readers from Brunei, Cambodia, Uganda, and even someone in Islamabad, Pakistan. We know it can’t be bin Laden, but who the hell in Pakistan reads my blog?

    The whole interconnectedness that the internet has generated is really stunning when you think of it. Last night I was playing 4-handed cribbage online with people in Oklahoma, Great Britain and Quebec at the same time. Stuff like that never ceases to amaze me.

  3. As a Chiricano living in US I read your blog daily and I really appreciate the work you do. Thanks so much for doing it. A late comment on your grandchildren: a very fine looking bunch of grandkids you have, Don Ray!

  4. Hi Michael. Thanks for the nice comments. My and other folks mouthed are watering just thinking about the cake. :D.

    Hi Richard. The Internet really make the world easier to navigate without leaving the chair in frontof your monitor.

    Hi Jamie. Thanks for the comment, especially about the grandkids. I saw your sister and your nieces and nephew this morning in church. I have been meaning to tell you that I am always impressed by what nice upstanding folks they are. You should be very proud as a brother and an uncle.

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