Lion On The Loose

Around 8:00 A.M. I purchased and started the download for the new Apple OS (Lion) for my MacMini. The download made a lot of progress in the first 30 minutes downloading about 1.92 GB. Now it is downloading a few bytes every second. I guess the whole world is trying to update their Apples to the next OS version.

At the rate it is going now it may be a month or more to get the system.

UPDATE: I decided that it would never download at the rate it was going, so I restarted the MacMini. The download continued from the point it had left off, but not at a higher rate of download.

UPDATE 2: The download completed while I was away from the house. It is now installing and says 33 minutes to complete.

UPDATE 3: The install went smooth, but took about an hour. Someday, I guess I need to look at the new system and see if I like it. My MacMini is used strictly for movie streaming because of its HD capability.

1 thought on “Lion On The Loose

  1. Had the same experience as you. Started at 8:30. Was maxing out at 3 Meg first two hours and then three hours of 1/10 that speed. It picked back and finally completed. I am now on Lion! I had used a developer version previously, so am familiar with it.

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