Good Service Deserves to be Recognized

I am very pleased to write this article. I truly believe that outstanding service deserves to be recognized and this one more than most.

Last week my refrigerator quit working. I tried for two days to find someone that would work on an Amana. Multiple calls were made, most to no avail. One person made an appointment and didn’t show up. Some said they had never heard of Amana.

I decided I better start working on plan “B” and check the pricing for a new refrigerator. I went to Casa Gala, PriceSmart, PanaFoto, DoIt Center and my last stop was AudioFoto.

At every store I told my story. I really wanted to have my refrigerator repaired, but I could not locate a repairman that could work on my refrigerator. I asked all if they could recommend anyone. All except AudioFoto listened, but could not help. They were, however, very interested in selling some new top of the line machine.

Luckily, in AudioFoto I met Karen Reyes. I think she was sent to over to help me because she speaks excellent English.

I told her my story and she was very empathetic. She said her manager might have a recommendation for a person to see if the refrigerator was repairable or not. I let her show me the refrigerators and then she introduced me to Fernando Patino who did have a recommendation. She said to let her know if the fridge could not be fixed and maybe they could work out a trade-in plus discount.

The name Fernando gave me was for Electro Hogar. He said to ask for Senor Anibal. The phone number was 774-7495. After leaving AudioFoto I returned to the house and made the call. A service man was to arrive at 3:00PM.

At 3:00PM, the service man (Abdiel) arrived. It took him a total of 10 minutes to look at the refrigerator, remove a panel inside and tell me what was wrong. He said he would have to get the part and would return the next day and make the repair.

The next day, he arrived at the scheduled time, made the repair and the world was good again. It cost about $50 for the part and $25 for labor. I can’t tell you how good it is to find competent people.

In the photo below are Karen on the left and Fernando on the right of the Panasonic refrigerator I was considering buying at AudioFoto. By the way, it was priced $50 cheaper in AudioFoto than it was in PanaFoto.

I was within a day of buying a new fridge. Had it not been for Karen, I would have made a costly mistake. I can only say a big thank you to Karen, Fernando and Abdiel.

Once in a while things do work out right. If you stop by AudioFoto, say hello to Karen and Fernando. Tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter and that their kind of service is what brings people back.

3 thoughts on “Good Service Deserves to be Recognized

  1. Don Ray:
    After reading your blog today I think you made a mistake. You said “A service man was to arrive at 3:00PM. At 3:00PM, the service man (Adiel) arrived.” Don’t you mean he showed up 3 HOURS late?…Wink! All jokes aside, I am glad still there are some honest and responsible people in David that are not just for squeezing some money from people. The sales person most likley lost a good comission on the sale, still, she helped you first. And $25 service charge? What a bargain.

  2. Hi Jamie. No, he did arrive at the time he said he would be there. I realize that is not a common event and hasn’t happened offen to me, but I have had it happen more than once.

  3. Buenas tardes:

    Me siento muy feliz a saber que usted Sr. Don haya confiado en nosotros y más feliz aun de formar parte del equipo de ventas de Audiofoto.

    Felicidades compañeros, y espero que sigan así y todos copien su ejemplo.

    Yusselfy Murillo
    Audiofoto Parque

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