Feeling Proud – The Austin Bunch

I am often asked what I miss from the states. I have to say there is only one thing. Family.

However, with the technology today, it is better than it would have been twenty years ago. Let me share some photos of the Austin clan.

Here is a photo of my grandson’s Carson (left) and Noah (right). Carson is all boy. Noah is the athlete (baseball, basketball and Football).

Here are the three girls, Kayley (left) – Olivia (center) – Lindsay (right). Kayley is the college student and also volleyball athlete, Olivia is miss inventive – you never know what she is going to come up with, Lindsay is a future CSI candidate and graduating early from high-school.

They are all great kids and I can’t tell you how proud I am of them. Thank goodness the Internet lets me keep up with them to a certain extent.

I think they are really nice looking and why shouldn’t they be? Here is a photo of their mother (My daughter Kimberly) and her friend Lisa. This was taken when Kim was a Kilgore Rangerette.

Now if I could just get some current photos of the McKinney clan. Hint. Hint.

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