ASUS Bamboo Laptop Arrives

I received an email yesterday around three PM, from Multiservicios Internacionales De Chiriquí, telling me that the Natalie’s laptop had arrived. I jumped into my car and ran over to pick it up. My bill to get it from the U.S. to David was $102. $49 was the Panama taxes and the rest was shipping from Florida to Panama City and then transportation from Panama City to David.

I can’t complain about that.

Before I move on to the laptop, let me give you a little more information about Mail Forwarding Services. Not all places on the Internet will accept an order and ship to Mail Forwarders. This was the case with B&H Photo where I ordered the ASUS laptop.

When I placed the order, I was notified that the order had been rejected because B&H did not ship anything to mail forwarders. Amazon has never refused me, but this laptop was going to cost much from Amazon.

I contacted a friend in the U.S. and asked if I could have it shipped to him and have him ship it to me. He said he would and I re-ordered with the shipping address changed to his address. Now the order went through. I can understand B&H’s concern.

My order took a little longer to get here via Multiservicios Internacionales De Chiriquí, but the price made up for the time.

Now to new purchase. I received a double boxed shipment. The outer box was put on by my friend removing the outer box from B&H. The following photo is the original ASUS package.

Inside that box is the ASUS Bamboo box. Notice the bamboo design on the box?

Removing the box top, we find the packing also has a bamboo effect also.

The laptop was packed in a soft protective cover.

The next photo is the laptop just out of the protective cover. I opened it a little so you can see that there is a plastic covering on the bamboo lid as well as the bamboo hand rest and mouse pad.

Here is the top with the plastic covering removed.

Here is a photo of the laptop open. You can see the bamboo hand-rest, mouse pad and aluminum surrounding the chicle keyboard.

I spent last night getting the laptop set up. By that I mean burning the backup DVDs, removing the crapware that all PC manufactures except Apple load in the PCs, installing Skype and a few other programs, removing the trial version Anti-virus and installing Microsoft Security Essentials, and installing WiTopia VPN.

Then I tried putting it through its paces. I must say I am impressed with everything with two exceptions. The speakers are not outstanding, but I am never satisfied with laptop speakers. I also think a better camera is called for in a laptop of this caliber. In low light, the camera doesn’t produce as good a quality picture as I would like.

Still for the components in this laptop and the price, I think it was an excellent buy.

Maybe the bamboo finish was a little over kill, but this is for a special person.

It has an interesting piece of software that we are going to test this afternoon. It has a feature called “Smart Login”. It uses face recognition to log in the user. I am not expecting much out of that, but it should be fun to try.

2 thoughts on “ASUS Bamboo Laptop Arrives

  1. Hello Don,

    Congratulation to your new laptop, we have since over 10 years the brand you got, and price/performance ratio is excellent, mine is always the older model my wife get’s the new, before I run the new tested operation system, on the “old” computer.

    We never had bigger problems, and if they occurred, they have been solved immediately, if you have a problem you get REAL online support and guaranty all over the world, in opposite to North American brands, where you call somebody in India. Or they even refuse..”You have bought this computer in XXX, we don’t cover this”.

    To keep the price as it is I would say the speaker and camera are sufficient, mostly the transfer rate in Panama can not even handle my 1.3 Meg built in camera, and for good sound you just plug in your sound system or a good ear set.

    Greetings from Croatia

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