Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Report 4-July-2011

Potrerillos has experienced no reportable crimes against the Expatiate Community but the township has been active and there have been several incidents requiring Police and EMS intervention.


First item of concern,

Information provided to the PNW Office indicates that a well know burglary suspect was seen observing the residence of an American home whose owner also operates a carpentry business at the same location. According to a Potrerillos Taxi Driver who has close contact with the local community he saw a black 4-door sedan setting idle on a back road whose occupants were seen observing the nearby multi story residence located in Potrerillos Abajo. Later that same taxi operator claims to have heard rumors that a plan was being hatched to burglarize the American residents described above. According to this Local Taxi Driver it wasn’t until he heard the story about the plan that he made the connection recalling his resent observation of the suspicious vehicle whose owner lives in El Banco and is believed to be associated with a band of thieves operating out of La Acequia.

It should be noted that this local Taxi Operator was partially motivated to provide the information in hopes of collect a reward ($500) that the Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Group offers to anyone with information that leads to the capture of responsible perpetrators including the return of stolen property from crimes committed against Expatriates in Potrerillos.


Other Potrerillos activities:

1. On 1-July-11 the new 911 EMS Service was called into action when a Panamanian resident from Potrerillos Arriba call the “911” Ambulance for assistance. The Paramedics immediately responded Code -3 to the location where they determined that the emergency required the individual to be relocated to hospital and quickly transported the patient to David. Please take a moment of time from your daily travels to stop in and thank our NEW EMS Team for their support.

It is also recommended that you provide a detailed map of you location including phone numbers to the Dolega Fire Dispatch if you want to improve their response time if you ever need their help. The Dolega Fire/EMS Dispatch can be reached @ 776-0020 or 776-1445 or 911


2. On 2-July-11 at about 1615hours (4:15PM) a call for help was received at the Dolega Police Department to assist with a mass disturbance at a drinking establishment in Potrerillos Arriba.

Multiple units from the Dolega and Boquete PD responded Code-3 to the location and did what eve they did. No specific details were provided other that several individuals were taken into custody. It should be noted that our friends at the Dolega and Boquete Police Departments have never been better equipped and motivated to do their job that now. Again please stop in at the any one of their Departments and thank them for a job well done. Perhaps donating a few cold bottles of Gatorade for them would be a nice way to say thanks!!


News from our New Potrerillos Police Station,

Lieutenant Rodriguez from David has been permanently assigned to supervise daily operations at the Potrerillos Police Substation. His role is to provide oversight to his subordinates who have yet to be assigned under his command. So for in the short term Lt. Rodriguez is the only Officer manning the new Substation. His cell phone number is 6155-5998. Please stop in and thank him for his service to our community.

As of the first of this month Lt. Rodriguez has issued his first traffic fine to a motorist who failed to stop for the clearly marked stop sign located at the intersection next to the Substation. The incident occurred when a driver of a passenger car made no attempt to stop at the designated stopping point and just flow past without any regards for intersecting traffic. Lt Rodriguez spotted the reckless female driver described as a Panamanian National form Potrerillos Abajo but was unable to stop her.

Officer Rodriguez quickly relayed the information to PD units in David who intercepted her in front of the MR. Mendoza’s Restaurant and issued her a traffic fines for failing to stop, failing to provide proof of required automobile insurance and an expired license plate. Her vehicle was impounded and towed away, this according to Lt. Rodriguez.

Lieutenant Rodriguez further indicated that he observed that this driver was actively using a cell phone while driving which is illegal in Panama when she neglected to stop. It wasn’t clear whether the driver was cited for that as well.

You are reminded that the 3-way intersection were Potrerillos Arriba and Potrerillos Abajo converges is a dangerous area containing multiple hazards (bus, vehicular, live stock, human, bicycle traffic) and should be negotiated with extreme caution.



Last item,

Attached is an updated “Emergency Contact Information” list. It is recommended that you make a copy and place it in a location for quick reference. It is also recommended to place a copy in your vehicles.

Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Facilitator




Potrerillos Police Substation6155-5998

Dolega Police Department: 776-0160

Dolega Fire Department:776-0020

Dolega Ambulance: 776-0020

Potrerillos Ambulance: 6899-8689

SINAPROPIN in Chiriqui: 774-7325

Potrerillos Police Substation: 6155-5998

Lieutenant Rodriguez, Station Commander. Residence in Las Loma David. Located at the Potrerillos Central Park. (GPS: 8* 38’ 57.80” N and 82* 28’ 02.60” W)

Dolega Police Department: 776-0160also call #104 Police Only

(equivalent to 911 in USA). (GPS: 8* 33’ 47.41” N and 82* 24’ 52.53” W)

Major Ramon Roca: 6502-9765 (cell) Commander of Dolega & Boquete Police Departments, Office located in Boquete, Unknown Residence.

Lt. Moreno Shift Commander: 776-0160 (office) Unknown Residence

Sgt. Serrano, Patrol Officer: 696-66719 (cell) Residence in Potrerillos Abajo

Sgt. Rodriguez, Patrol Officer: 613-50414, 688-96553 (cell) Residence in Algarrobos

The Dolega Police Department is located past the National Municipal Palace Building, 3-1/2 blocks South on the left side across the street from the local park in Dolega. All individual are available 24/7 most speak little English so be prepared to try out your Spanish. Residence are encouraged to contact them with any criminal or emergency issues or observations no matter how small or trivial.

Dolega Fire Department: 776-0020

Zone- 3(GPS: 8* 33’ 49.31” N and 82* 24’ 53.40” W)

Dolega “911” EMS Ambulance Service Dispatch Office: 776-0200 or 776-1445 or 911

Dolega Dispatch Office: 776-0020 or 776-1445 also call #103

(equivalent to 911 in USA) Fire Only.

The Dolega Fire Department is located past the National Palace Municipal Building, 3-1/2 blocks South on the left side.

Dolega Fire Station Commander, Martin Madrid: 6212-8143 (cell) Residence in Dolega

David Central Fire Station #1: 775-4211 or 775-4212

Zone- 3(GPS: 8* 25’ 44.72” N and 82* 25’ 45.59” W)

David EMS “911” Ambulances Services:775-4211 or 775-7019

Zone- 3(GPS: 8* 25’ 44.72” N and 82* 25’ 45.59” W)

David Fire Station #3:744-4562 located next to Pizza Hut on the North

(right) side of the road. Zone- 3(GPS: 8* 26’ 45.52” N and 82* 25’ 23.19” W)

David Fire Dispatch Office: 775-4211 or 775-4212 or call #103 (equivalent to 911 in USA)

Most employees at the call center have Basic English capabilities.


Fire Marshal Dr. Manuel Delacruz, Commander for all Fire Services for Chiriqui Provence: 775-4211 Office and Residence in David

Fire Services in David have Basic English capabilities. The Fire Departments provide limited emergency medical, ambulance and fire services and assist in the removal of poisonous snakes, bee hives and electrical hazards.


Potrerillos Ambulance Service: 6899-8689

(GPS: 8* 40’ 59.38” N and 82* 29’ 25.10” W)

Ambulance: 6899-8689 (cell) Potrerillos Arriba

Driver/responder is Juan Hernandez and operates the ambulance service located at the Central Salude Clinic located just below the center of the town on the left side of the main road of Potrerillos Arriba. The driver is stationed at the front entrance and on duty Monday through Friday from 7-AM to 4-PM then takes the Ambulance home to his nearby residence where he remains on call at all times 24/7. Driver Juan Hernandez speaks very little English.


Hospitals in David

Hospital Mae Lewis – 775-4616

Hospital Cooperativo – 775-6666

Hospital Chiriqui – 774-0128

Hospital José Domingo de Obaldía – 775-4223

Hospital Regional Raefael Hernandez – 775-2162

Policlinica Dr. Gustavo a Ros – 775-3231

Potrerillos Taxi Cabs

1. Mr. Ricauter (choling): 6660-9029

2. Mr. Domal: 6555-0855

3. Mr. Diogenes Saldano: 6919-7425

4. Mr. Franklin: 6721-8118

Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Program

There is a Nationally Recognized Neighborhood Watch Program established in our area whose mission is to help reduce crime and promote positive relations within the community and local Law Enforcement Officials. The program is dependent on the community’s cooperation and networking together so as to empower the residence as a seamless cohesive entity. There are several dedicated individuals who are working tirelessly to make our community safer for all. Feel free to contact them with your concerns or observations relating to crimes in our area.

Your NWP facilitaros are:

1. Mr. Roman Salinas, Panamanian Residente, El Banco: 6512-9397

2. Mr. Greg Meyer, American Residente, Potrerillos Abajo: 6474-3807

Rosa.meyer@juno.com(AED on site)

U S Embassy Wardens Program

Wardens Appointed in the greater Chiriqui area including David, Boquete, Volcan, Potrerillos and Bocas Del Toro. There are many other Wardens in locations thought Panama who can provide additional assistance. You may contact any of the Wardens listed on this page for assistance and information for locations of Wardens in other areas. All Wardens are Spanish speaking and are here to assist you. Please advise the Embassy if you were satisfies with their help.


Don Ray Williams, Warden, City of David



Jim Gaffery, Warden, Potrerillos, District of Dolega



Greg Meyer, Warden (alternate), Potrerillos, District of Dolega


Price Peterson, Warden, Boquete


Marjorie Tilley Lee, Warden, Volcan



Larry Shane, Warden, Bocas Del Toro


United States Embassy in Panama: (507) 207-7030

After hours and emergency phone number: 207-7000 or 207-7200

The American Citizens Services Unit of the U.S. Embassy. Panama-ACS@state.gov.

The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy is located on the former Clayton Army Base near the back gate area, Building 783, Clayton, Panama City, Panama. The Consular Section fax is: (507) 207-7030. The Embassy web site is http://panama.usembassy.gov/

(GPS: 8* 59’ 57.75” N and 79* 33’ 43.12” W)


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