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In a recent comment, I was made aware of a user driven public service Internet system.

It is intended to be used to record observations from the community related to all items that affect the community’s well being. Examples could be robberies, vandalism, suspicious observations, road conditions, etc.

It should not intended to post your neighbor’s daughter’s fifth birthday, even though I am sure that is important.

All of this is a part of Ushahid. “Ushahidi” means “testimony” in Swahili.

What I have activated for Chiriquí is a piece of the system called CROWDMAP.

With the advances in technology, we may be able to make Chiriquí a shining example of communities, in a province, joining together to provide the information to prevent crime, solve crime and raise the awareness all involved.

As you will see, you are permitted to include a photo or video if it is appropriate.

I am learning the system as you are. Let’s call this a beta test. I invite you to join in.

Let me introduce you to

9 thoughts on “Chiriquí Watch

  1. Hi Don,

    I explored the link, and I like the idea. A little more detail about reporting would be helpful though. Maybe even a sample report form or template [for the technologically challenged to refer to]? Would this have any overlap with or action by Alto al Crimen? With it be an after the fact kind of thing or is it be be used during suspicious activity? I suppose I can’t use it to report sales at Conway or Panafoto, huh?

  2. This could be used by anyone. There may be overlap with other sites, but this would be intended for the entire province.

    I would like to see the idea picked up by the entire country so that history could be obtained by all provinces and locals.

    If you wanted to report something, what information would you want to enter? That is what you enter. I entered two items and have one to approve.

  3. I reviewed the entries and think it is a little clearer now. And I like that the reporting radius is greater than just Boquete. Thanks for your efforts.

  4. For those who analyze crime statistics as I do it should be noted that although there have been a lot of reportable crimes and criminal activities reported on this Chiriqui Watch crowdmap from Potrerillos it should not be interpreted as a lawless place.

    In fact Potrerillos is much quieter that other locations in Chiriqui however the large volume of incident reporting stems from an active community based Neighborhood Watch Program, not elevated levels of crime.
    In all likely hood there is as much if not more crime and criminal activity in David and any other ordinary place in Chiriqui Provence.

    If you are considering moving to Potrerillos please be mindful that it is a safe and relatively quiet place to live.

    Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Facilitator

  5. Hi PNW. I am confident that your area has no more crime than others. At the moment you are the only one that has take the time to post problems tom help others. I hear alarms in David frequently. It takes time for systems like this to really take nold and be useful. Please don’t give up making your reports.

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