Now This Annoys Me

You may remember that on January 10, I posted my last experience with AirBox Express.

After suffering many problems with the company following their change of companies in Florida and losing many important letters they went through the a change of employees in David. Natalia, who was one of the sweetest ladies you would ever meet prepared to go on maternity leave. They brought in an individual to train before she left.

When she finally left for maternity leave, the other fellow took over. Talk about a change. He knew none of the clients and while he supposedly trained for months before Natalie left, he learned little about the business. Everything went to hell in a hand basket.

On multiple occasions I would enter the business to find a line of customers waiting to get mail. The phone was ringing and the attendant was ignoring all calls. He said he only answered his cell because he didn’t have time to answer the phone. People were complaining about lost mail, missing packages and all were frustrated.

I notified Panama City that they had a major problem in David and if they didn’t take care of it I would willing to bet that they would lose the majority of their clients to other providers. Eventually they sent “management” down to oversee the business.

The last time I went into the business as a continuing customer, they has about four people there. Two from Panama City and the male individual causing the latest problems and another lady being trained. I picked up my mail and paid my statement to the male employee who had precipitated the company’s David problems.

After paying a bill of around $16. I was supposed to get 75 cents change. I waited and the employee did not give the change. I asked for the change and he said he had given it to me. He had not. I told him he had not and he continued to argue. I decided he was afraid to show incompetence in front of management, so I dropped the issue.

I did open an account with Multiservicios International de Chiriquí that very day and spent two days changing all of my accounts in the U.S. to my new provider.

The last time I went into AirBox was the final straw. I went in to verify I had no mail. I hadn’t for some time and expected to get no more. That was when I was notified that I had a bill that was unpaid. I told them I did not pay a annual fee, did not want their service and to remove my name from their database.

To repeat from the previous post, out of multiple calls to Panama City, I was told that the current bill would not be charged, but next year I would have to pay the fee.

I told the new female employee that they were not listening. I WAS NEVER RETURNING!

She was to contact Panama City and remove my name from their database. She said she would.

In today’s email I received the following statement.




Panamá, Rep. de Panamá, RUC 36449-0070-263492 DV 20
Tel # 507-269-9774
Estado de Cuenta
Nombre: Williams Don Ray
Ruta: 96 Parada 1 Tipo Alianza: BASICA INTERIOR
Fecha de Estado de Cuenta 01/06/2011 30/06/2011
Fecha de Vencimiento: 10/07/2011

Fecha Concepto Debito Credito Saldo

05/2011 Saldo Inicial $0.00
01/06/2011 ANUALIDAD 10.70 10.70

Saldo Incial $0.00
Debitos (Cargos y Debitos) $10.00
Impuesto de Venta $0.70
Creditos (Pagos y Creditos) $0.00
Saldo Final $10.70
Le recordamos que puede ver el detalle de los cargos de cada paquete y su estado de cuenta corriente en
Evite que su cuenta sea suspendida cancelando su saldo antes de la fecha de vencimiento
Si usted ya efectuó su pago, por favor hago caso omiso de este mensaje



This either shows that the local staff is not following orders or management in Panama City needs some management training as well.

This is the exact reason I made the previous post.

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  1. Don,
    I have been back in the states for 4 years and I still get bills from them each month via e-mail. I closed my account when I left, and got a receipt, for all the good it did ( I had received
    no mail for 3 months previous to closing my account). I see that things do not change when management does not care. Good luck, maybe you’ll be luckier than I in getting a resolution than I was, but ……….

  2. Wow! Thnx for the headsup with AirBox, and I was thinking about bringing something in with them……I have used multi-servicios chiriqui serveral times with no problems what so ever…………

  3. Too late. I hope she can turn things around. I will stop in and see if she can get the harassment stopped from the Panama Office.

    Besides, I am saving on the average $2 to $4 each time I receive mail from the U.S. That was $2.18 for each envelope because the received them on different days of the week. If it were a two letter week it cost me $4.36.

    Where I am now costs me $2 and often I have had 5 or 6 envelopes. However, I never get more than one delivery a week. If you need faster service, AirBox may be the best bet.

  4. I am getting too old to handle all this confusion and not speaking fluent Spanish. It really gets on my nerves. I am the one feeling stupid when I can’t get stuff across when they don’t understand.

  5. Right or wrong, if we are going to live in a country that has Spanish as it’s native language, it is our responsibility to learn Spanish to a reasonable extent. If our Spanish impedes us and is not good enough then it is our responsibility to have Spanish speaking friends that can assist in our behalf.

    The problem above has nothing to do with a language problem. The young lady, that I spoke with, spoke very good English and far better than Natalia. The male employee that caused most of the company’s current problems in David spoke English. The management that came down during their emergency “solve their problem” project spoke English.

    I also can’t say this is a cultural problem, because the last I heard, the company’s president was from the U.S.

    I can only hope that their problems are behind them. I have moved on.

  6. Don, you may remember I had the annoying problem with Airbox overcharging that precipitated your original post. In fairness, I did receive an apology and credit, presumably as a result of your intervention (thanks!). The Estado de Cuenta just received reflects this credit:

    Estado de Cuenta
    Tipo Alianza: BASICA INTERIOR

    Fecha de Estado de Cuenta: 01/06/2011-30/06/2011
    Fecha de Vencimiento: 10/07/2011

    Saldo Incial: $-6.44
    Debitos (Cargos y Debitos): $0.00
    Impuesto de Venta: $0.00
    Creditos (Pagos y Creditos): $0.00
    Saldo Final: $-6.44

    Here is the email I received from :

    <I really apologyze for the inconvenience that you had with your last mail.  We really would like to correct this and for this reason I am crediting to your account the extra amount that was charge for your mail.
    <Attached I am sending you the credit that was made to your account, that way the envelope you received will have the charged as regular mail.
    <Any doubts or questions please don't hesitate to contact me.
    <Licda. Aisha C. Thompson
    <Supervisora de Mercadeo y Sucursales
    <AIRBOX EXPRESS – Aerocasillas
    <TEL.: 304-1422 / 269-9774

  7. I use airbox in Boquete and have for 3 years but am in the process of moving on. Periodically mail I know is in Miami on the first of the month takes 3 weeks to get to Boquete. But recently I ordered an electronic component and upon opening the box I found it was damaged. I sent 2 emails, did not receive any reply, then was told PC doesn’t always answer their emails. I took the component and packaging to their office. Basically was told the shipper must have damaged it but to provide a photo and that the matter would be referred to PC… I did so, again no response so I hand delivered a letter… again no response… I have since found another shipper and am saving money with every item I receive… the silver lining…
    As to the damage… the item was bubble wrapped in a box, within another box. The inner box was insulated with crushed paper, cardboard, and foam. There was some damage to the outer box but the inner box was in perfect condition. Further there were separate items which had all been packaged within the inner box. Some were found among the packing materials between the boxes, one was not there at all. Apparently damaged upon inspection.
    Can something be damaged.. certainly, but to ignore the issue is unacceptable.
    Also I had been on cc billing but there is no advance notice of charges. On one occasion my cc was incorrectly charged when it should not have been charged at all. I was told it was the bank’s error. That was when I changed to cash payment, the best method in Panama.

  8. I also have had my issues with Airbox. I had an issue of them wanting to charge package rates (8.20) for a small bubble wrap envelop with a bubble wrap envelop inside for a part return. I told them to keep it. They finally agreed to charge as a letter but then put some other fee which I didnt pay and still havent. During this time and hassle I told them to just cancel my account which they didnt. I continued to receive occasional mail so when the annual fee came due, I paid it. Then they lost a very important piece of mail between David and Volcan during the time the replacement man was there. I could never get it resolved. After 6 weeks, an employee said they couldnt do anything because the acct had been canceled.. Don. Please give me directions for the new company you are using. I dont get much mail but I do need a service available.
    Thanks, Sharon

  9. Ohhh, don’t get me started – been using them for just over a year now.

    Shipping from the USA is just too damn EXORBITANT!!

    Was just quoted $645.00 for 5 boxes that weighed a total of 42 pounds!


    Come to find out, their calculation was off by 100 lbs! 2 x WTF??

    Well, Airbox just lost a quick $268.00 in revenue and probably a customer due to a typo!

    Even at the reduced rate, don’t you feel like the freight forwarders are bending us over??

    Here’s another WTF? for you: Before I moved to Airbox, I use Miami Express and Get This;

    * They sent me an email to collect a supposed unpaid balance of $25 – a whole 15 months after I closed out my account with them.

    * When I responded, they came back with an upped unpaid balance of over $125! HUH??

    It’s looking a whole lot like the freight forwarders are hustlers n scammers who think us Gringos are easy prey! NOT!!

    SOUND OFF everyone and put these pirates on NOTICE!!

    Perhaps we should all lodge our complaints en masse to ACODECO (The Consumer Protection Agency)!

  10. Hello everyone

    I’ve been a customer of Airbox for 3 years. I have some magazine subscriptions and they would consolidate these magazines once a week instead of paying each time I receive a magazine.

    I signed up for an account in Aerocasillas they informed me that the first year fee was free and the following years I had to pay 10.00.

    I must say that service in the branch of David worsened when he was a boy there, but that is not the girls who are now are very friendly and treat me very fast.

  11. Yes, Natalia is a prize. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to wait to see if she would return. Maybe it was a blessing because I am saving a lot by having switched my service. The mail I got this week cost me $2.00. Had I still been with AirBox, it would have cost me 3*2.18= $6.54. Had I been with Mailboxes etc it would have cost me 3*2.50= $7.50 (based on what MBE quoted me.

  12. When I was their client I would get my mail once a week, but the letters would have been delivered on three different days so it would dose me 3 times a minimum charge, which was 2.18. Maybe they have changed. They better. It is too late for me as I lost my patience.

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