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Crime Advisory

I received the following crime advisory that should be heeded. In general, my message is to be observant and report anything you see out of the ordinary. If you can take a photograph, it is even better.

Thieves are now taking to the roof! Friends of ours had a considerable amount of their property stolen through their tile roof. Be watchful for your neighbors. Removing tiles from the roof in the rainy season is not usual activity. Report all suspicious activity to the police.

The Captivated Traveler

I received a request to post the following:

Hi Don- I’m hoping you will post this on Chiriqui Chatter. It introduces a new online travel service with which I am associated, as Publicist and as the Location Specilaist for Guatemala.

The more folks whoi know about, it better, so I hope you will help me spread the word.

Thanks very much, Linda Card


Whether you are a first-time traveler or a world-class globe trotter, it is infinitely helpful to have insider knowledge about a destination before you go. That’s the idea behind a new travel service called The Captivated Traveler, launched by Marc and Corry Meerveld out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. “When we were planning our first trip to Central America, we did endless hours of research online,” says Corry. “Yet from the moment we arrived at our first stop things were drastically different than everything we had read about. We continuously learned, sometimes the hard way, as did many of those that we met along the way. Everyone around us had a story and we heard over and over, ‘If only we knew’.” Continue reading The Captivated Traveler

Do You Remember

I spent yesterday morning listening to Pandora Radio on the Internet. I have several different stations programmed. Yesterday, I used two of them. One was Buddy Holly and the other was Connie Francis. Pandora is neat because when you program a station, Pandora chooses other music that has the same general flavor to it.

Sometimes I click on the song that is playing and read the lyrics along with the song. Yesterday one of the graphics that was with a song was of a 45 record changer. That got me to thinking.

In my life time I have witnessed an enormous amount of change in the music media. My mom introduced me to records with her old hand crank record player. You cranked up the spring driven motor and then put the needle down on the record. The speaker was on the head that held the needle. She had several records from the thirties.

I had an aunt that had a similar contraption, except it used cylindrical records. Both easily scratched the records and they snapped and popped as they played, but I loved listening to them and would do it for hours on end. Continue reading Do You Remember

Ya BASTA (Enough already)!!

From……: Maria

Good morning, Don –

I write with the attitude of “Ya BASTA (Enough already)!!” Please, if you think this appropriate, publish it:

What beautiful and forward-thinking our country has shown with all the new 1st World improvements being made in the capital city! The Cinta Costera, the new Metro, the new buses and the plans to amplify Amador are truly marvelous feats. Yet here in Boquete, we are left to live as a 3rd World Country.

The electrical outages we have endured daily since the beginning of the new 4-lane highway should cause shame to Union Fenosa and to our government. Not only do we suffer these outages, but we also suffer extreme surges and brownouts in the current such as to damage our electrical appliances and electronics. Not many people can afford to replace their computer and related equipment, refrigerator, microwaves, light fixtures, telephones, cables, etc.

We try to do our part as conscientious citizens while lowering our demand for power by using fluorescent and LED bulbs, but these surges only cause them to explode. Those that don’t explode burn out prematurely.

Mr. President and executives of Union Fenosa, these problems are causing your people in the Interior much expense which we can ill afford. We are extremely proud of the improvements to our nation’s capital and would value your focus on the Interior as you have focused on the Capital.

We desperately call for your immediate assistance!

The Forgotten People of Boquete

Volcan Town Meeting – August 10


The monthly Volcan Town Meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 at our venue, the Valley of the Moon Restaurant in Volcan. The Valley of the Moon Restaurant should not be hard to find as there are several signs along the way to their location. Just make a left at the Round Restaurant off the main Volcan road and follow the final signs to the Restaurant. The meeting will begin at 10:00 AM.

Last month, we featured Dr. Jennifer Daniels. She kept us abreast of the latest news on the Healthcare crisis in the United States. She also addressed the current healthcare system in place in Panama. Dr. Daniels gave us a very informative presentation of issues not known to the average American from a physician’s perspective engaged in alternative health solutions. Dr. Daniels suggested that folks currently enrolled in Medicare Part B reconsider their participation in this plan and the future expense, involved in this troubled program and become more self-sufficient. Continue reading Volcan Town Meeting – August 10

A Night Of Nostalgia

I have been derelict in posting information on the Mary Binder performance at Casa Cultural La Guaricha.

I will apologize for the quality of the videos that follow. I didn’t pick the best location to film and I am using my SLR for video. This was the first time Mary had been to Casa Cultural La Guaricha and the sound equipment was not her own. I know that performers always prefer to use their own sound equipment.

Mary performs often in Volcan and thank you God for allowing her to venture to David so that those of us living in this part of Chiriquí could enjoy her artistry.

The event started a little late because everything starts late in Panama. By the end of the performance, most of the tables had occupants.

I, for one, had an outstanding time.

Out of the event, I picked four of the videos I shot to give you an idea of what you missed. Mary sang all of the songs that I like. It really turned my evening into an evening of nostalgia. Here is another thing I need to apologize for. On all of the videos, I misspelled Mary’s last name. What can I say? I am getting old. When I get more time, I will see if YouTube will allow me to upload replacements. Sorry Mary!!!

Here is the first video – It’s A Heartache.

The second video is – I fall Too Pieces. Continue reading A Night Of Nostalgia

Roosevelt Díaz Arosemena

Roosevelt Díaz Arosemena
“Juancho the song from Cabuya”
Tribute to muy Father

Inauguration: Tuesday 2nd of August 2011
Hour: 7:00p.m.
Admission: Free (We apprecciatte any contribution to the Culture & Arts)
Where: Casa Cultural La Guaricha in the cross of Java Juice and Accel Gas Station in the Francisco Clark Ave.,
down to the Felix Olivares High School, green and yellow house before the little bridge.
Continue reading Roosevelt Díaz Arosemena

Computer Stolen

This has been added to the Chiriqui Watch site.

Don: On July 19th during the day my MacPowerBook 17″ silver computer
was stolen in Paso Ancho at 4th and B near the river, $200 reward).
The person who did it did not break in so they must have had a key. I
suspect my watcheyman. It has been peaceful here for 3 years so I have
been lucky. The police have been out 5 times since then so the
neighbors have seen plenty of “high level” investigation. Moral of the
story; pay your watcheyman enough so he will not want to be replaced.
Howie 6464-9118