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FSBO – Villa Mercedes in David

This is a FSBO. Since the owner is sick, Terry has accepted the responsibility of helping with the sale. As with all things of this nature, the buyer is responsible for doing his own due diligence. I know nothing about the property, so contact the ones listed in the post.

From……: Terry Trumbull


Please review the following and tell me the most effective way to send it. I’m a firm believer in word of mouth and do not want to limit it to those who are currently looking to by a home only. Please just tell me where to click to enter the information as a pasted item that virtually everyone will have the opportunity to view. I’d also like to know about how often or the frequency of how often it can be posted. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Terry Trumbull


Home is located in the community of  and is in like new condition and has beautiful landscaping and a fabulous tiled swimming pool with a large waterfall into it. Three bedrooms and three bathrooms (one bath outside in bodega near pool) and a 2nd storage bodega. Large ceramic tiled drink bar with refrigerator and built in gas Bar B Q on a good sized covered patio with overhead fans. Electric remote controlled front carport gate and video camera at sidewalk gate entryway. Covered carport and large front porch area. Home has ample air conditioning. Living room has high arched ceiling and ceiling fan. Kitchen has ceiling fan and a large pantry. Dining area also has ceiling fan. Beautiful kitchen with custom cabinetry and Granite counter tops. Kitchen to dining room pass through breakfast bar. Master bedroom has its own bath and French doors opening to the patio and pool area.

Now for the best part!

The home is being sold due to health problems and will sell completely furnished with all furniture and appliances including televisions by September 5th. The owner could get much more if time allowed but health
issues require he move back to the USA ASAP!

Furniture and appliances include NEW six chair dining room set, NEW living room couch (American Made), NEW 56” flat screen television and a NEW smaller master bedroom TV, side by side refrigerator with in door ice and water, gas stove, outdoor patio furniture, office furniture, one queen size bed and one double bed.

$110,000 Total and with a clear title!

Don’t need all the furnishings! Sell them for what you can because the owner doesn’t have the time or interest. This is a deal where you can’t go wrong for the price. If time allowed the owner could price this home for tens of thousands more.

Interested individuals should respond to Terry or Maryann Trumbull

10 am through 10 pm Phone: 6549-6979

Running With New Technology

About a week ago I started using WiTopia CloakBox™ Pro to connect to the Internet. I have used WiTopia for the last year with good results including using it on my iPad during our trip to Europe.

Since me year was up, I needed to pay for another year and decided to change from a Personal VPN plan to the Cloakbox Pro.

The current configuration is built on top of a Buffalo Nfinity router. VPN is configured into the router, so that is no need to activate it as I did with the Personal VPN Pro. The system is always running via VPN unless you turn off VPN in the router.

My connection is in Dallas with this setup. Therefore my ip address shows my PC as residing in Dallas. As with the Personal VPN Pro I can select from many world wide locations at start-up time.

With the router setup all devices running through the router funnel through the VPN. In my case that is multiple PCs, my iPad, and a couple game consoles. Each connected device appears as if it is located in the selected server location of the router.

Since beginning with the router configuration, I have had a few times when I have lost my connection and had to reboot the router. Not a big problem, but an annoyance. I haven’t been able to get a feel for my true performance. I have uses a couple speed apps on the iPad and the best speed was close to 3MB. However, I have also had it a little lower then 1MB too. Still to this point the speed has been acceptable.

I have noticed that my MagicJack has had some breakup this last week. Its performance is another thing I am watching.

This past week Cable Onda has not provided a consistent connection and that is one reason I am having a hard time determining the effect of being on VPN. I am committed to this service for a year. At that time I will reevaluate to see if the extra cost was worth the money.

I like the Buffalo router. I seem to have better signal strength around the apartment than I did with my old router. One thing I didn’t like was that, while WiTopia sent the router in the original box, they did not include the screws for wall mounting or the CD or manual, which may have only been on the CD. They may not have provided the CD to prevent a user from erasing the configuration they build into the router, but I would have liked to have it. WiTopia did include their instruction which had a big warning to never press the RESET button as that would erase their programming.

I downloaded the manual from the Internet and have everything I need. I will try to give another review of this setup after I have had significant time to use it.

I have been doing research and I was initially told to change the Router to use alternate server locations. I have now changed back to using the main servers and I have all the same world locations that I did on the Personal VPN Pro contract.

Royal Caribbean Cruise April 24, 2011 Part Five – Curacao & Barbados

Today I am going to cover the first two ports of RCCL cruise. The first stop was Curacao. It is really a beautiful Dutch settlement and one of my favorite stops on the Caribbean route. While I took several photos, most are no different than last time. Being lazy, I will direct you to the post of our previous cruise to see some of the sites of Curacao.

I will however post this one photo. Those from Boquete always seem to know how to show the rest of us up. While I was feeling a little tuckered out from the walking I had done to get across the long bridge to the see the rest of Willemstad, I see Chris looking chipper and ready to take on the world. He was zipping along with Ruby on one of those new fangled motorized Segway devices.

Maybe he looks so chipper because he knew he was going to be the star attraction in the evening’s juggling show. Continue reading Royal Caribbean Cruise April 24, 2011 Part Five – Curacao & Barbados

The Great Boquete COFFEE Cook Off!

From……: Craig

The Great Boquete COFFEE Cook Off!
Salsa / Merangue Free Lessons Tonight starts at 5 pm
2 of Our FAMOUS Margaritas $4.00, Passion fruit margaritas Too!
BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Aged Filet Mignon, Tuna Loin & More!

The Great Boquete Coffee Cook Off this SUNDAY at NOON!
Boquete is world renown for its Amazing Coffee from its Majestic mountains!
What says Boquete more than Coffee.
The Great Boquete Coffee Cook Off
Lets see what you’ve got to offer…..
Categories include: Best Coffee, Best Main Course (plato fuerte), Best Salsa or Sauce, Best Dessert or Sweet
The Competition starts at 12:00 noon and goes until 4 pm.
Contestants enter free and need to bring enough to give 150 tastes or so.
The price to enter for the tasters and Voters is $5.00 and the money goes to the Rotary club Scholarship fund. Help a kid go to School!
We have had some great turnouts for our previous competitions (Chili, Garlic) and we expect a great turnout for the Boquete Coffee Competition!
Competitors need to bring their own table and their BEST Recipe to WIN!!
Do you have what it takes. Show your Stuff at Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant! Voted Boquete’e Best Restaurant 2011 by the Boquete Guide!
Competitors Please contact either myself at las Ruinas or James Carswell at
Restaurante Las Ruinas Boquete
In front of Brisas Boquetena
Hours Tuesday through Sunday 11:30 am to 9:00 pm
507 6677 4289

Thanks Don!

Royal Caribbean Cruise April 24, 2011 Part Four – Towel Art

If you have been on a cruise, I am sure you have found towel art in your cabin when returning in the evening.

For such a simple thing, it is still something I always look forward to.

Here are a sample of the friendly creatures we found during the cruise.

Sunglasses always make their way to the towel art if the are left in the room. Kinda gives it a personal touch.

How about this bird? Continue reading Royal Caribbean Cruise April 24, 2011 Part Four – Towel Art

Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Communication – June 22

Potrerillos has been enjoying a low in criminal activities perpetrated against the Expatriate Community however the same cannot be said for the City of David.

A Word of Caution:

Information received from 2 separate incidents of burglary occurring in David has cause for concern. The homes of 2 different North Americans were burglarized recently. In both cases the occupants were at home during the late night hours when unidentified individuals entered their residences in what was described as home invasions. No specific details were provided except that in both cases loss of personal property was reported.

This information is being provided to raise your awareness and should be viewed as a reminder that as we all indulge in the fabulous and adventurous life style Panama has to offer one needs to remain vigilant at all times. Crimes of opportunity are endless and those in the Expatriate Communities are definitely on the criminals to do list. Home invasions can become very dicey quickly and it’s likely that the perpetrators will do anything to get away with their crimes up to and including committing homicide.

You are advised to be on guard at all times, maintain a sense of awareness of your surroundings at all times and NEVER confront anyone who has entered your home during a burglary. Continue reading Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Communication – June 22

What a Jog

Hello All;
Pardon this intrusion, but this may be of interest to you. I am writing to my friends and acquaintances in Panama and Central America to help a friend get the word out about the extraordinary challenge that he is undertaking. He’s running around the world. His name is Tony Mangan, an extreme and adventure runner from Ireland and he is fulfilling a 20+ year dream of running around the world. I had the pleasure of running the last 10 miles or so with him as he finished his epic first leg which started in Dublin, Ireland, continued from New Foundland, across the United States to the San Diego area. After meeting him, I have no doubt that he will achieve his goal barring circumstances out of his control. He’s running unsupported, carrying his needs in a three-wheeled running cart. You can read more about Tony and his journey at: He has just begun his second leg through Mexico, Central America and South America. I would like to encourage my friends in Central America and Panama to follow Tony (he’s easily tracked up to the minute on his website) and go for a run or cheer him along if you see him. He won’t ask, but I’m pretty sure he won’t turn down ice cream or most calorie laden offers along the way (Running 50k every day burns a lot of energy). I’m guessing that a safe place to sleep is always appreciated as well as. Please read about his mission and journey and encourage him along the way through his blog or in person. For me it was fun sharing part of his adventure and I recommend it. If you would like to communicate with Tony, I recommend doing so through his website. I’m sure he will respond, be patient given the limited internet access for his current leg.

Greg Tice
714 881 0988
714 708 3023 fax

Panama Marine Services

I am still working on more of the cruise postings, but I thought I would add this related post. As you may remember, I used Jularmo Travel & Tours to make my and Lilliam’s arrangements for our cruise.

What I want to tell you about today is another business that is providing the opportunity for Panamanians to be a part of the Cruise Industry. The business is Panama Marine Services.

One of the owners of Jularmo Travel & Tours has over 30 years experience working in the cruise industry and has worked in many positions aboard the ships. This experience is very valuable to the cruise industry because of cruise industry’s demand to find qualified employees that are multilingual.

Panama Marine Services holds qualifying interviews in David for the major cruise lines. In David, Maritime Professional Institute of Panama is located in the same building as Jularmo Travel & Tours and it is the training arm that provides all of the mandatory training needed to qualify individuals to interview with Panama Marine Services.

The other day I was talking to Jessica Moss and she invited me to see one of the qualifying sessions in process. I was interested because I had seen several Panamanians on the Grandeur of the Seas cruise to Spain and one had told me he had been able to get his job by interviewing Panama Marine Services.

Here is his photo that I took during our cruise.

I knew him from Hotel Best Western, where he had worked as a waiter. Continue reading Panama Marine Services