Ozzie is in custody

From Boquete Ning.

Ozzie was taken into custody in front of Las Ruinas restaurant tonight.
A sting operation to catch Frederick Allen Osburn was set up by myself, with the cooperation of Panamanian law enforcement authorities and Alto al Crimen, after Ozzie hit one of the homes in Los Molinos for which my company is contracted to provide security for. After burglarizing the home in the beginning of June the perpetrator emailed the owner of the house stating that he/she would like to sell back specific items of both monetary and emotional value to the victim. The victims email address was obtained in the course of the burglary. With the victim’s permission I pretended to be the the son of the victim and proceeded to have a three week email dialog with the perpetrator whom I suspected to be Frederick Allen Osburn. Ozzie emailed me this afternoon with specific instructions as to where we were to meet to do the exchange with him giving me specific instructions to be at the “my mothers” house when he called the cell phone number I provided him..
This information was provided to the Pananian Police and they assembled a team of a dozen officers from both Boquete and David to assist in capturing Ozzie. I was to radio them from Los Molinos when Ozzie called but we all suspected that Ozzie was going to watch me arrive at house to make sure I was alone. The police were waiting at Las Ruinas restaurant for my command where they would either cover me at the location Ozzie instructed me to go or to create a perimeter around the Los Molinos project if the exchange was to take place there. After Ozzie never called at the agreed to time I suspected he got spooked and that he was probably on the main road trying to catch a ride out of the area. I radioed the team at Las Ruinas to go out and start looking for him and long and behold Ozzie was standing in front of Las Ruinas waiting to catch a bus when the officers came out and he was immediately taken into custody.
In his possession were many items from numerous reported burglaries including a loaded 9MM handgun, all the items stolen from Los molinos, as well as a pocketbook with numerous items including cash, passports, and credit cards from a home he burglarized at Las Brisas between the time he left Los Molinos and tried to catch a bus in front of Las Ruinas.
Lets hope he doesn’t get out of jail ever again.

Ralf Henrich
Boquete Consulting Security

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