A Call For Assistance

I am making a personal request for financial help for a David Panamanian family. Specifically this is to assist two daughters whose mother had a heart attack in April. The mother has been in the Regional Hospital since that time.

The mother is suffering paralysis and is being fed intravenously (Parenteral nutrition) because she is in a comatose state.

It has come to the point where she must be released from the Regional Hospital to free up space and the family must begin caring for her for in the home. This move to the home is currently scheduled for the first of July.

Her social security covers much of the medical expenses, but there are other expenses that must be paid. The family is having to pay for a private attendant (at night) while the patient is in the hospital. When the patient goes home, one daughter will provide the medical care-taking.

Her room in the house will need to have an air-conditioner and will need to be equipped for the use of oxygen. There will be many other miscellaneous expenses such as medical cleaning gauze, adult diapers, an increased electrical bill because of the AC and others.

The family needed a special medical bed and that has been arranged.

My friend,Tom McCormack is bringing a suction device from the US.

Your donation would be a great kindness for a needy family undergoing much emotional pain as well as financial hardship.

If you can make any donation, it would be greatly appreciated. If you live in Panama, a donation may be made to the daughter’s account as follows:

Lourdes Elena Tapia Justavino
Banco General

If you are one of the Chiriquí Chatter followers living outside of Panama and would like to make a donation via PayPal, I can provide you the information for my PayPal account and I will make a corresponding deposit in the Banco General Account and email you a receipt.

Thank you for your consideration. If you are unable to contribute, all prayers are accepted.

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