Running With New Technology

About a week ago I started using WiTopia CloakBox™ Pro to connect to the Internet. I have used WiTopia for the last year with good results including using it on my iPad during our trip to Europe.

Since me year was up, I needed to pay for another year and decided to change from a Personal VPN plan to the Cloakbox Pro.

The current configuration is built on top of a Buffalo Nfinity router. VPN is configured into the router, so that is no need to activate it as I did with the Personal VPN Pro. The system is always running via VPN unless you turn off VPN in the router.

My connection is in Dallas with this setup. Therefore my ip address shows my PC as residing in Dallas. As with the Personal VPN Pro I can select from many world wide locations at start-up time.

With the router setup all devices running through the router funnel through the VPN. In my case that is multiple PCs, my iPad, and a couple game consoles. Each connected device appears as if it is located in the selected server location of the router.

Since beginning with the router configuration, I have had a few times when I have lost my connection and had to reboot the router. Not a big problem, but an annoyance. I haven’t been able to get a feel for my true performance. I have uses a couple speed apps on the iPad and the best speed was close to 3MB. However, I have also had it a little lower then 1MB too. Still to this point the speed has been acceptable.

I have noticed that my MagicJack has had some breakup this last week. Its performance is another thing I am watching.

This past week Cable Onda has not provided a consistent connection and that is one reason I am having a hard time determining the effect of being on VPN. I am committed to this service for a year. At that time I will reevaluate to see if the extra cost was worth the money.

I like the Buffalo router. I seem to have better signal strength around the apartment than I did with my old router. One thing I didn’t like was that, while WiTopia sent the router in the original box, they did not include the screws for wall mounting or the CD or manual, which may have only been on the CD. They may not have provided the CD to prevent a user from erasing the configuration they build into the router, but I would have liked to have it. WiTopia did include their instruction which had a big warning to never press the RESET button as that would erase their programming.

I downloaded the manual from the Internet and have everything I need. I will try to give another review of this setup after I have had significant time to use it.

I have been doing research and I was initially told to change the Router to use alternate server locations. I have now changed back to using the main servers and I have all the same world locations that I did on the Personal VPN Pro contract.

8 thoughts on “Running With New Technology

  1. Any provision for a secure connection if you take a laptop on the road that usually connects though the Cloackbox? TY, Roy

  2. Good question. I have asked that WiTopia consider having a $10 extra fee that would allow protection if you were on the road with an iPad, just like with the Personal VPN pro. It is under consideration. At the moment, the only option would be to buy the %39 package for the iPad.

  3. Don, now that you have had some time with Cloakbox, I would be interested in getting an updated report on it. I will be relocating in late autumn and would want to bring one with me if it’s a good solution. Any info appreciated. Thanks, Bill

  4. Hi Bill. I am still putting it through its paces. I have had some problems getting a good environment to test it. Cable Onda has not been completely stable and some times if I get disconnected, I think it is the CloakBox and find I have problems without the CloakBox. In general I am happy with it. I have been able to watch HULU and without delay “most” of the time. SOme days are perfect and some aren’t and what I haven’t determined is how much of the problem is related to running the CloakBox and how much is Cable Onda.

    You only need a CloakBox if you are covering multiple devices. If yuou have a single PC, go with the $59 plan.

  5. Thanks Don. I want to use the Cloakbox’s hardwired router ports for various devices throughout the house and will add ethernet switches and a wireless access point off of several of the spigots. So, it will get an “ultimate” test.
    Planet telecom serves the area we are moving to, and I have heard that their service is somewhat more reliable than Cable Onda. Will give you a shout at the end of the year and let you know how it all worked out.
    Cheers, Bill

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