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I am still working on more of the cruise postings, but I thought I would add this related post. As you may remember, I used Jularmo Travel & Tours to make my and Lilliam’s arrangements for our cruise.

What I want to tell you about today is another business that is providing the opportunity for Panamanians to be a part of the Cruise Industry. The business is Panama Marine Services.

One of the owners of Jularmo Travel & Tours has over 30 years experience working in the cruise industry and has worked in many positions aboard the ships. This experience is very valuable to the cruise industry because of cruise industry’s demand to find qualified employees that are multilingual.

Panama Marine Services holds qualifying interviews in David for the major cruise lines. In David, Maritime Professional Institute of Panama is located in the same building as Jularmo Travel & Tours and it is the training arm that provides all of the mandatory training needed to qualify individuals to interview with Panama Marine Services.

The other day I was talking to Jessica Moss and she invited me to see one of the qualifying sessions in process. I was interested because I had seen several Panamanians on the Grandeur of the Seas cruise to Spain and one had told me he had been able to get his job by interviewing Panama Marine Services.

Here is his photo that I took during our cruise.

I knew him from Hotel Best Western, where he had worked as a waiter.

He was very grateful for his position on the ship. As you can imagine, getting a position on a cruise line is a godsend to many Panamanians. They have no expenses for room, food and laundry etc. They have some free time in the various ports, so they get to see the world as another benefit. This makes their salary go much farther than with a position in Panama and most are providing for a family back home.

I went to Panama Marine Services on June 20. They had a large group that was going through the initial qualifying interview. They had over 50 candidates in the morning sessions and another of a similar size in the afternoon.

Here is a photo of the morning group.

The following is a photo of Jessica and a candidate that has been approved and hired by Royal Caribbean. I spoke with him and his English was very good. He was going to be working in in a warehouse stocking position.

This last photo was a first qualifying interview for this individual with Jessica. His English was very good. He said he had improved his English in Boquete by talking to gringos. He was wanting a position on the front desk. Jessica informed him that for those positions that he needed to speak two languages in addition to Spanish. Jessica asked him about a different position and he was agreeable to that.

During the Interview, Jessica reviewed his resume to see that all years were accounted for and all work positions were included. She said that prior to interviewing with the actual cruise line a candidate had to provide a government document stating that they were members of good standing in the community.

I am always happy to get to observe a company such as Panama Marine Services because they are providing two valuable functions. First they are doing a good job of providing capable employees to the cruise industry and have a good reputation of doing so. Second, they are a Panamanian company helping other Panamanians get needed employment.

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  1. i have interesting in your job program.
    i need get a new job outside of this country, in my last word my boss would be,
    gringo and i know some of english

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