Thank You President Martinelli

If you have driven around David much you have seen a lot of improvements. The crosswalk on a previous post was one improvement.  The free WiFi around Panama is another.

What I have noticed are all the streets that are being repaved. In my time since 2003, this is the first time I have really noticed investment in the streets of David. Lilliam also commented the current administration has been a big improvement over past administrations.

Even our neighborhood has gotten a touch-up.

3 thoughts on “Thank You President Martinelli

  1. That’s a really big deal in Panama. The roads are a matter of safety especially driving from David to Panama City.

  2. I drove two round trips from Panama City to Guatemala City in 90’s. In those days, Panamanian highways (the Pan American, anyway) were the best in Central America; don’t know how they stack up now…

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