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Event at Casa Cultural La Guaricha

Hi Don:
I appreciate if you inform your readers, that this Friday we will have an event at Casa Cultural La Guaricha.
Old Mana Restaurant, near Felix Olivares High School.

The event will include Coronel who is a well known singer from Colon with nationwide and international projection.
He is also celebrating 60 years in the music business.

The show will begin at 7:00p.m. and end at 12.00a.m.
And include other great artist as:
Andy Alvarez
Candelario Gomez
Roberto Urriola

and the special appearance of Prof. Winston Archibold.

The event is US$10.00 and you can buy tickets at Casa Cultural La Guaricha or can reserve tickets calling me at 6618-2929

Antonio M. Singh C.

Director General
Chiriquí Eventos Cultural
Casa Cultural La Guaricha

Entrega General, David, Chiriquí
Panamá, Rep. de Panamá
Cel. PTY 507-6618-2929

Cel. PTY 507-6122-2089 

El arte jamás ha de intentar ser popular. El público es el que ha de intentar ser artista.”
Oscar Wilde

La suerte es la estimación que tiene un perezoso sobre el éxito de un hombre trabajador.

Thank You President Martinelli

If you have driven around David much you have seen a lot of improvements. The crosswalk on a previous post was one improvement.  The free WiFi around Panama is another.

What I have noticed are all the streets that are being repaved. In my time since 2003, this is the first time I have really noticed investment in the streets of David. Lilliam also commented the current administration has been a big improvement over past administrations.

Even our neighborhood has gotten a touch-up.