Daily Archives: June 20, 2011

Restaurante Nuevo Futuro

The other day Lilliam and I went to a new restaurant in David. It is Restaurante Nuevo Futuro.

It is directly across the street from McDonald’s and to the right of IVOS.

I have eaten there before, but I think it is under new management. At least the inside of the restaurant had changed. From the outside you would not think it is as large or as nice as it is on the inside. Continue reading Restaurante Nuevo Futuro

Burger Match-up

Coming back from the Frontera, Lilliam and I drove up to Volcan to see Jorge and Vicki at the Volcan Lodge and eat at their Mana Restaurant.

I have been working on a Linux installation on a netbook of Jorge’s and had finally gotten it running and needed to return the netbook. Only took me two months. Hey. I am slowing down and besides, one month I was not in Panama.

Jorge had told me I needed to come try their hamburger and it would blow away the McDonald’s Premium Angus.

Here is Jorge’s burger. As you can see, it is huge.

Continue reading Burger Match-up

USA vs. Panama in Gold Cup Semi-Finals

In case you missed it, the USA defeated Jamaica 2-0 to move to the Gold Cup Semi-Finals. Panama defeated El Salvador after two overtimes and wining 5-3 on face-off kicks.

That sets up a rematch between the USA and Panama in the Gold Cup Semi-Finals.

The USA was pitted against Panama during this Gold Cup and was defeated. Now for the rematch. Normally, I would root for the USA in a competition such as this, but this time I would like to see Panama move to the finals and then win. What a victory that would be. I can hardly imagine the celebrations that would go on in the country.

Mark this down. Wednesday June 22, 2011 at 6PM Panama time will be the match all of Panama will be watching.

New Crosswalk On InterAmericana HWY

Last Sunday, on our way to the Frontera, there was a detour in front of the IFARHU. This is always a busy area with people needing to go to the IFARHU office. Sometimes there would be police assisting, but often not.

The reason for the detour was that they are putting in a new overhead crosswalk. The following photo shows the huge walkway getting ready to be raised by cranes and put into place.

The following photo shows one side that has the stairs built and the support column ready for the crosswalk.

The crosswalk is now in place. When it is completed, I will try to get another photo.