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A Chiriquí Chatter Reader’s Experience with Med-Serve

I received the following with a request to post. The following is the author’s experience. I have no experience or opinion about Med-Serve. I don’t know if this experience is the norm or an exception.

From……: David
Email…..: david@davidduty.com

I’m so angry I could spit nails!!! Where do I even start??????????

Back in Oct. 2008 I started having a back problem and my legs didn’t support me. I could barley walk. So I went to Chiriqui hospital and saw Dr. Emir Perez who I consider to be a great doctor. He felt that I had a pinched nerve or even worse, that it could be cut. If it got worse then I would be paralyzed from the waist down. I of course ask for second opinions and he was happy to set up appointments with other doctors. He told me I should have back surgery because if I happened to step off the curb wrong it could cut the nerve in half and them I”m toast.

He had several test scheduled, one was with another doctor at the same hospital using some kind of electronic equipment. That test also showed nerve damage between L4 and L5 just like Dr. Perez said. Then the two doctors spoke and ordered a CAT Scan which confirmed what they thought, a pinched nerve between L4 and L5. Continue reading A Chiriquí Chatter Reader’s Experience with Med-Serve

Robbery: Crime Stoppers

A message from Randy Smith to all members of Crime Stoppers on Boquete Panama!

There was a robbery in Alto Boquete, a guy came to the door and asked for water for his car, while the homeowner went around back to get the hose, someone (who must have been hiding) slipped in and took the laptop and cash from a wallet. The car was a small silver or grey car with blacked out tinted windows.

Visit Crime Stoppers at:

Royal Caribbean Cruise April 24, 2011 Part Three

What is there to do on a cruise? Will I get bored when we are not at a port? If you have specific questions, ask and I will try to cover them in the comments.

There are a multitude of activities that are available on a Royal Caribbean cruise. RCCL is known for keeping its passengers entertained.

RCCL puts our a document called the “Cruise Compass”. You will find it on your bed each night when you retire and it will tell you the time and place for all activities the next day. It will be in the language your specified when you registered.

If it is a port day, it will identify the port and the time you may leave the ship and the time you must be back on-board. The second time is EXTREMELY important. This was the first cruise I remember going on that someone didn’t return soon enough and the ship left without them. Flying to the next stop to rejoin the cruise is not a trivial thing.

If you want to stay on the ship and not exit at a port, that is not a problem. There is still plenty to do. Some people just like to take it easy and read a book and enjoy the peace and quiet.

A ship, like the Grandeur of the Seas, is like a floating 5 star hotel. It has restaurants, casino, bars with entertainment, coffee and ice-cream shops, duty free shops, movies, evening shows, gymnasium, spa, and much more. Something is going on all the time.

I know many from Boquete spent a fair amount of their time in a bridge class. Lilliam took a water color class and jewelry crafts class. There were games of trivia, games in the swimming pool, ping-pong tournaments, dance classes, rock wall climbing, Feng Shui class and even activities for the very young. Some had a personal goal to see just how much weight they could gain per day. (Guilty as charged!)

There was a bulletin board so you could make contact with people of similar interests or friend you heard were on the cruise.

Here is an interesting story. One day it was extremely nice on deck and Lilliam and I were getting our exercise. Lilliam wanted out photo taken, so I ask a couple that was reading on deck if they would mind taking the photo.

When I was thanking them for taking the photo, I asked where they were from and they said England. Another couple were close and listening and I asked if they were from England too. They said they were. I ask haw they were enjoying the cruise and what they had been doing. One couple replied that they were having a great time and had been searching for another couple with the same last name that they thought were distant relatives and they hadn’t been able to find them.

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Potrerillos Public Service Announcement

I received the following for posting:

Potrerillos has no crimes to report however we now have some exciting new Public Safety resources to rely on.

For those who may not know our community now has a new Ambulance Service called “911”. This new service is a fully US outfitted fully stocked Ambulance manufactured in North America with most every piece of up to date emergency medical equipment that a modern Ambulance would need. This new service is located at the Fire Station in Dolega (Zone-3) located past the National Palace Municipal Building in Dolega 3-1/2 blocks South on the left side. (GPS: 8* 33’ 49.31” N and 82* 24’ 53.40” W)

This new EMS Service consists of 11 fully trained and certified Paramedics who manage the 8 hour rotating shifts of 2 Paramedic technicians on each shift. Their area of responsible includes the district of Dolega and Potrerillos. According to the Station Captain, Captain Martin Madrid (Cell Phone 6212-8143) this new EMS Service will be relocating to their own facility not far from their present location. He also advised that if you need the 911 ambulance you can call “911” (Spanish only) however this telephone number is actually received in Panama City and then the caller/requester “MUST” identify the location where the responders are needed and then they (the dispatchers) call that location and dispatch the appropriate Emergency Responders (Police, Fire, EMS). He also added that if it’s a local caller (from Dolega, Potrerillos, Boquete, ect,) then they can also call the Dolega Fire Station directly and dispatch the EMS unit that way.

You can contact the Dolega Fire Station and the new “911 EMS Service” at 776-0020 or 776-1445

Additional information about this new 911 Service: Continue reading Potrerillos Public Service Announcement