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I received the following for posting:

Hi Mr. Williams,
Could you post this information regarding Luz Margalys Serrano.

While Medical and Dental tourism is becoming more popular in Panama, we’d like to reach out to local ex-pats who may be in need of top notch dental and general medical care.

Dr. Luz Margalys Serrano’s clinic in David ( offers dental services with skill and integrity. Her fees are more reasonable than most and you will find her command of English (as well as German) will make your visit to her office anxiety free….did we mention pain free??? Why not visit her web site to discover what is possible in state of the art dental care.

Dr. Migdalia Serrano offers general medical care and home visits in all of Chiriquí. Her practice focuses on the areas of hypertension, diabetes, minor surgery and gynecological services.

On a personal level I can attest to her thoughtfulness, compassion when I badly injured my ankle and needed immediate emergency care.

Dr Serrano instantly referred me to a most qualified orthopedist who took care of me within 15 minutes of my arrival in the at Mae Lewis Hospital.

Giny Israel

As I read the post, I realized that I knew both Doctors. Dr. Migdalia Serrano is the doctor I use for my GP. She is also the doctor I took The Juggler to that helped diagnose his serious problem and she assisted with his care until I could get him transported.

While I have never used Dr. Luz Margalys Serrano, because I have a dentist, I have talked to her several times when I have been in the office and can attest that her English is perfect. I dug through my card file and the back of the clinic card had a David map and I will attach it to the post.

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  1. Hi Don: The website, ( , just lists services of a Dental nature. Is this Clinic also capability of providing Medical services? I don’t see any mention of Dr. Migdalia Serrano on the website. Maybe I’m missing something?


  2. Yes, the clinic is primarily for the dental clients and the website is for the dental clinic, but it is shared by both doctors. They are cousins.

    Dr. Migdalia Serrano speaks mostly Spanish, but understands a fair amount of English. When I have gone to see her, they call and she has always come in a maximum of 10 minutes.

    My office visits have been $5 or $6 dollars, I don’t remember which.

  3. I have been a patient with Dr. Luz Margalyz Serrano for some years now. As a dentist she is truly excellent and her language skills do not lag behind! Her German is better than my (Swiss)German. Besides, she is a very pleasant human being, with a fine sense of humor. Also, she can draw fom a highly trained and multi-lingual group of colleagues, whenever the need arises, as it did in my case! Werner Kaech, Boquete

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