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I went by AirBox Express this morning to see if I had any mail. I didn’t and haven’t in over a month so my mail address changes must have all taken effect now for my new provider.

While I was there the young lady, that is now running the office, told me I had an outstanding account fee that was due. I told her that I have not had to pay an annual fee before and if there was a fee to close my account.

This precipitated a couple calls to Panama. After talking to Panama, she said the fee would be ignored this year and would begin next year.

I said I wanted conformation that my name was removed from the client list and I would no longer come by to check for mail. I wrote and signed an authorization note for AirBox stating that I wanted my account closed and left it with the young lady.

In effect this post is to record that event and to have a record that the event took place.

I was told that all clients had been sent an email to the effect that an annual fee is in place. I had the AirBox representative check my email address on file and it was correct, but I have never been sent the email notice.

If you are an AirBox client or a past client you should be aware that this fee is in effect. If you also did not receive an email, you may want to go by the office and tell them that you did not receive an email notifying you that there was an annual fee.

5 thoughts on “Account Closed

  1. seems like airbox has gone downhill a bit since the ”old days.” i’ve sent many p-mails to 6 airbox eddresses, including bkblume, complaining about their advertising opt out function not functioning and they keep sending me advertising, especially around the hollydaze. i’ve also written to the david office begging them to help but the spam just keeps coming. i have an email delivery confirmation software that alerts me when a message is opened so i know my messages aren’t going into the black hole. i wonder if they print them out and put them up on their ”got another one” wall : )

    back in the early days of spam, it was said that opting out just informed the spammer that they sent to a valid eddress, so that could be my problem with airbox : (

    norm : )) ~

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