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Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Crime Report 6/3/2011

Another North American Resident was the target of an attempted burglary in Potrerillos including a report of individuals assumed to be thieves spotted several times prowling around the construction site in Potrerillos Arriba of 2 homes currently under construction whose owners are American.

New Case:

The home of a North American who is new to the area was the target of our latest attempted break in. The American resident identified as Gene Loewer who has been residing in Potrerillos Abajo for about 4 months reported that he returned home from a day trip and discovered the window in his bathroom had been forced open. On closer examination he noticed that several stone blocks had been removed from the side of his home and stacked up under the bathroom window located on the back side of his home. He surmised that the unidentified perpetrator(s) were unable to fit through the window and was unable to gain entry into his residence. It was unclear whether he reported this incident to Local Authorities. Mr. Loewer was offered the full assistance from the Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Group. He was also provided information on other community resources. No exact date was given with this latest incident.

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