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From……: Paul Day
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The Chiriqui Players (Boquete) present BENCH WARMERS, a series of six hysterical one-act plays featuring 15 local actors and three plays by local playwrights. There will be four performances at the BCP Theatre in Boquete, Panama: Thursday, June 16 at 7:30 p.m., Friday, June 17 at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, June 18 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, June 19 at 2:00 p.m. $15 per ticket. $10 per ticket for group of 10 or more. $45 Value Added Card (VAC) gets you four tickets for the price of three. Tickets available at MailBoxes Etc (Boquete) or by email: thechiriquiplayers@gmail.com. Special $12 Pre-Show Dining at Oasis Restaurant (Boquete). Includes entree, main course, dessert and glass of wine. 6:00 p.m. seating. To see menu and make a 24-hour advance reservation, email thechiriquiplayers@gmail.com. Afterparty at Baru Restaurant (Boquete) following each show. Second drink free with ticket stub. For more info, email thechiriquiplayers@gmail.com.

Volcan Town Meeting – June 15

Please note that the meeting for this month only will be held on the third Wed.


The Volcan Town Meeting will be held Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at our venue at the Valley of the Moon Restaurant in Volcan. The VOM Restaurant is not hard to find as there are several road signs along the way to their location. Once in Volcan, keep following the VOM signs to the unnamed red gas station across from the Round Restaurant and make a left there and keep following the remaining signs. Our Meeting starts at 10 AM.

This month, we will be featuring Nima Salman, proprietor of Superstars Computers in David. Mr. Salman has been in business for several years retailing computers, computer technology and related products. His staff are all computer tech graduates. A very important facet of Superstars

business is the help you get after the sale to get your equipment up and running. Nima and his staff

can answer your questions regarding computer

hardware and software. They can explain in detail

the “pros and cons” of various models to suit your

needs. The store provides “off the shelf’ computers

as well as custom built computers for better speed, capacity and performance.

Nima also states that he will beat anyone else’s prices. Continue reading Volcan Town Meeting – June 15

The Juggler Continues His Recovery

I have received a few emails asking for information on the progress of The Juggler. I wrote and asked if I could post a cropped photo of The Juggler that I had received last week. Following is an email response from his sister.

Hi Don ,
Yes, feel free to crop and post information. No problem. Glad you made it home safely from your journey.

They keep The Juggler pretty busy with a schedule of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. He is walking without the walker, trying to get his legs a little stronger. Tell The Angel all is well, and that The Juggler is getting stronger every day. He is tolerating the chemo, and the radiation therapy as well. Making more friends at the VA, and keeping his spirits and attitude positive. Getting ready to go down now, and visit. Will try to get a few more photos to post. Will also bring him this email to read. Take care, and thanks for keeping in touch.

I edited the email to remove all names.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to see the Juggler eating with both hands in the following photo. When he left, he could barely manage to use one hand. And walking without walking without assistance is unbelievable to me.

Keep up the good progress Juggler. We are looking for more juggling performances in Panama sometime in the future.

Traveling With An iPad

I am getting closer to being able to post some of the photos of the trip. Yesterday, I made it through the more than 1,000 photos I took and deleted all that were of too poor quality. I have a few videos from the trip as well.

While on the trip, I occasionally backed up all photos to my iPad. I purchased two extra camera memory chips and returned home with photos on the memory chips as well as the iPad. I only bought 8GB memory because I didn’t want too much on any single chip. If a chip goes bad, you are going to lose everything on it. 8GB still is plenty of memory. I never came close to filling a chip. I used all chips just for security reasons.

Photos on an iPad really make it easy to show family and friends the sights that you have seen. It is much nicer than having to watch them on a PC monitor. You can just pass the iPad around.

This trip was the first I have made with my iPad other than the U.S. trip last August. It was a good test of an iPad as a laptop replacement for traveling. Continue reading Traveling With An iPad